Wolf - Paint Party Friday

Here he is finished (well sort of... I may scan him before making any more tweaks) my wolf... although it's not the best photo due to light issues.
It seems quite appropriate to have designed a wolf because yesterday we had an incident with the sheep in the adjacent field! 
Now I know you'll all immediately think there was a wolf involved, but thankfully we don't have wolves in our part of the country! 
No... this was a little white Jack Russell dog who ran from the woods and tried to round up the sheep. I'll forgive you if you have a little giggle here because that does conjure up comic thoughts, but no unfortunately this little chap was extremely excited and started to separate the sheep, biting their legs and ears. I ran out as soon as I saw him and managed to get said little dog away from one particular sheep, who was bleeding from his ear.... for the dog only to run after the rest of the herd. 
So this was serious, I had to call in the fitter, younger troups...(my son) to take the dog lead and to try to round him up.
I should add at this point the owner was nowhere to be seen! 
Unfortunately, seeing the tables had turned and now the hunter was the hunted, he took a massive sprint onto the woods (as fast as his little legs could go... but it's amazing how fast they go when your on the run!)
The farmer was called and he did a quick roundup to check the flock were all okay. 
He seems quite resounded to the fact that people keep their dogs off the lead and this is a regular occurrence.
I assured him that I'll be making sure McMuffy isn't a nuisance... although she could hardly chase them for long with her little legs even if they thought she was a dog. 
I think they'd possibly think she was a lamb!
We're only 4 degree's this morning and there's a warning that snow is on the way for tonight and tomorrow. It'll be our first, so I'm sort of excited but also dreading it.

Once again linking to Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday blog.
Thank you ladies for such a fun place to party.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also joining Alexandra over at Sunday Sketches.
Oh and I'm taking part in the random act of kindness to FLOOD the streets with ART on Black Friday (27th November) If you'd like to know more... then click here
I'm also helping with my daughter's Christmas card orders.
Here I am at the centre of all the activity.
with the little fluffy quality controller!
(the photo was taken last year... I haven't started dressing up either the rooms or myself yet!)
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I'm off now to light the fires and add more
thermal layers... if that's even possible!
Stay cozy or cool depending on your location.