The wolf is still at the door...(PPF Week 36)

Hello everyone... 
I'm happy to report we survived Abigail.
(the storm which was supposed to visit us yesterday... she actually stood us up in the end). 
She never arrived.
If she did visit you then I hope you are okay and have no storm damage. 

Well it's Friday and so let's kick off the weekend with a party... Paint Party Friday
Here's what I'm taking to the party.
My wolf ink drawing.
It's going to take quite some time to finish him, but it's all about the journey... right?
I'm contemplating giving him blue eyes... what do you think?
I find drawing these ink designs very relaxing.
It's easy to just nip in for a few minutes here and there (unless I can squeeze an hour or so) and leaving everything out on the table in between sessions is an added bonus.
It is only one ink pen and paper after all!
Click on the icon below if you'd like to join the party.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also joining Alexandra over at Sunday Sketches.

I know my previous title from Wednesday's blog post caused quite a stir... thinking that a wolf might have been a threat to McMuffy. I'm happy to report she's fine and we don't actually have real wolves here in Aberdeenshire... well none that I know of.
Talking of Muffy... she's at the vets this morning having her teeth cleaned. 
I'm a little nervous it has to be said and I can't wait to go to collect her.
Here's a photo I took of her this morning.
It was the moment that she realised she wasn't going to the park... but to the vet's instead (again!)
She's fighting fit and got a clean bill of health earlier in the week, but she needs her teeth cleaned.
Not bad for an auld girl eh?
Have a wonderful weekend everyone
I hope if you have surprises... then they are all good ones.
As always I'd like to thank you for visiting my place.