Kindness and Koi Carp... PPF Week 38

Have you experienced Black Friday up close and personal today?
I'm happy to say I haven't been near any of the shops all day... they can get on with it as far as I'm concerned. 
Instead, I've been a busy bee, secret squirrel, Santa's little helper or whatever you'd like to call it... by driving around my local area leaving artwork for people to hopefully pick up and enjoy... for FREE.
It's all part of Scott Wong's idea to spread random acts of kindness to be enjoyed, instead of fighting and stampeding each other to purchase an electrical item or whatever, that we probably don't even need!
I started early this morning before the rain came and drove around my local area.  
I left a piece in a park and one near a cafe (which to my delight disappeared within minutes of me walking no more than twenty paces away) I then went to a favourite walk of mine and left a piece on a gate and the final piece in a school playground.
I was beside myself with delight when I returned home to find that the school had left a message on twitter to thank me!
It supposed to be my act of kindness, but I have to admit I've had so much fun and delight from taking part in this project I'll probably do it again next year. 
(Click here if you'd like to see the artwork I dropped)
With all of the above taking up my time this week... choosing, wrapping, tagging and distributing the artwork, I've not had much time to start a new painting. 
I happy to say that I do have a little something tinkering away in the dark recesses of my mind, which I hope to bring into the light and start drawing soon. 
So I thought I'd revisit and have another play with the Koi Carp watercolour I started a few weeks ago. I've decided to use this piece to play and experiement with.
This afternoon I worked on the water once again, but I've got such a long way to go with this... any helpful tips would be gratefully accepted. 

I better dash over to the Paint Party Friday link up with Kristin and Eva... before I'm too late.
I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. 
Keep looking for those random pieces of art out there... it's a global project and you just might get lucky!