Flooding the streets with art... WOYWW 338

Diddledee dee... Diddledee dee.... Diddledee dee...
It's all go in this household at the moment. 
I've just taken a large box of Christmas card orders to the Post Office this morning as I'm still helping my daughter with her orders along with building muscles carrying boxes and envelopes. 
It's amazing how heavy paper can be... but it'll save me going to the gym!
My table was clear, for a few minutes, but now I'm getting ready for tomorrow's random act of kindness event. 
It's my first year participating in this project, but it's been going for three years now. 
It's the creation of Scott Wong from Wisconsin.
He wanted to participate in random acts of kindness after spending Thanksgiving with family and friends and not indulging in the Black Friday mayhem. 
If you'd like to read more or perhaps spread the word, or even better still participate then click here
It was difficult to choose which pieces of art to include and I'm still not convinced that this is the definite final pieces. 
I wanted to include the children in this act... hopefully passing on not only the wonderful surprise, but also that it is far easier than we think to pass on an act of kindness. 
I've included bookmarks (which may be dropped near a library or children's play park)
The Teddy Bear hopefully will appeal to small children too. 
An autumn watercolour of a fallen leaf and finally a Highland Cow... just because. 
I may also includele a zentangle for the colouring craze fans, but it's difficult to choose which one.

So there you are... my desk today.
If you'd like to see more desks dotted around the globe then click here to join the "What's on your desk Wednesday" (WOYWW)
Have a fantastic day and spread the kindness and smiles.
Thanks for stopping by my place.