Flood the streets with art invite (WOYWW)

I've always been a great believer in passing a smile on. 
It doesn't take much, but it can have such an impact on someone's day.
Upon hearing all of the horrendous atrocities that are have been happening during these last few weeks, I think it's so important that we try to do whatever we can even no matter how small a gesture, as long as it's a positive gesture. 
It's not only for the person receiving the smile, but also for the giver. 
This week I've been even more aware of trying to help people and smiling. 
(Not in a creepy way of course... I thought I should just clarify that point)
So, when I received an invition from Nicola McLean to join a special project, I knew I had to accept.
Basically, it is for anyone to join whether you're a artist, crafter, potter, knitter, jewelry maker or whatever you create then you could join in too. 
So here's my invitation for you to join if you wish...

The project is called FLOOD the streets with ART.
This will be the third year that Scott Wong has co-ordinated this fantastic random act of kindness. 
(My first year participating...)
The event will take place on Black Friday which is 27th November.
Everyone everywhere on the entire planet is invited to create something and then leave it on the streets as a random act of kindness for someone to pick up, take home and love. 
Scott is asking everyone to be involved and that your art (no matter what you create) be dropped on Black Friday. 
A simple tag explaining that the art is FREE and hasn't been left behind, discarded or rubbish is all that's needed. 
If you can't or don't feel like participating, then please just share! 
Here's a link to see more details if you'd like to be involved.
I'm not sure how many or which pieces of my art work I'll be dropping in my local area, but I'm really looking forward to join in. If anyone wants to participate but is unsure or has questions... then please write in the comments below and I'll try to answer them. Thank you

I wanted to attach this invite today because it's Wednesday and I'm linking up with the What's on your work desk Wednesday (WOYWW gang) 
They're a fantastic bunch of creative artists, so I know they'll be interested in this random act of kindness... but I can certainly understand if it's a busy time for some with Christmas preparations etc and they'll not be able to manage. 

I better carry on with the WOYWW show and tell... because Julie over at Stamping Ground Blog likes to keep our post brief.
(Sorry Julie this is a little larger than usual)

Here's where I've been working today... on my kitchen table once again.
I'm helping my daughter with her Christmas card orders. 
If you'd like to see more of her work then click on the link in my sidebar... to be magically transported to her blog.
I've not really got into the Christmas spirit yet, but this will certainly help.
This particular collection is destined to a shop in London!
I'll leave it there for this week, but just give the FLOOD the streets with ART a thought. 
Even if you manage to only drop one item... just think what a lovely surprise that would be for the person finding it.
Thanks once again and I hope you have a great day