Reading, robins and reminders

As soon as I saw Tracey Fletcher King's instagram illustration recently of her comfy reading chair, I knew that I needed to draw my own reading corner. 
It's been incredibly neglected over the whole summer, so it's time it got a little attention. 
Now winter is coming towards us, I hope that I'll be curled up here with a mass of great books to plough through. Bliss!
Obviously with the roaring fire toasting my toes... ahh... I never thought I'd say it but now I think about it... roll on winter if that's the case. 
(by the way if you have any recommendations please just pop them into the comments below)  
I'm still managing to add to my Inktober Challenge, although I'm still not up to date. 
I thought I'd take a photo of the reading corner so that you can see what I was using as a reference. 
I've not drawn it exactly, otherwise I'd be here until October 2016, so let's say it's my artistic license. 
Here are a few other sketches just in case you didn't see them on my Instagram or Facebook accounts.
If you did, then I apologise... you must be fed up seeing these designs yet again, but we're near to the end of the month.
I'll leave you in peace then.
I've got a thing about Highland Cows.
This one isn't Hetty (drawn last year) but maybe Hilda perhaps?

I had a request to include a grapevine in this challenge... I'm pleased with this one which if you know me is unusual. I think it would be better with a nice glass of red, but maybe I'll have one later!
I like the swirly whirly grapes.
Now here's a very simple design of a fuschia that is still actually blooming in my garden. 
It's a beautiful pink puffy ballerina tutu.
And finally, I wasn't going anywhere near Christmas but I've got a few robins in my garden and they're singing beautifully. 
I think they want to be drawn.
I'm heading off to the PPF party now to check out other artists and they're amazing work. 
If you'd like to join me then click on the link below. 
Paint Party Friday
Have a brilliant weekend everyone
Happy painting too xx