Inktober challenge and PPF

It seems that I've got into an unintentional pattern with my blog posts. 
I did intend to post mid week, but where did it go?
But never mind where has the week gone... how the Dickens can it be October?
I suppose it should have sunk in really because the farmers 'made hay whilst the sun shone' working well into the twilight hours, with the heavy droning sound of their combines. 
I have to tell you that that sun was toasty, so they must have been very happy.
Don't laugh but last week the weather reporter announced that Aberdeenshire was the hottest in the whole of the UK!
I'd even go so far as to say it was one of the best weeks we've had all summer.
But then the rain and fog arrived as a timely reminder of what's to come... along with the unmistakable sound of the geese leaving us before winter arrives.
I love the see and hear them fly overhead, in their formation whilst busy chatting away... but it's a sad sight. I'm already longing for them to return. 
I did see one lone goose trying desperately to find his flock. 
He must have been sleeping when they all took off... poor thing. 
I do hope he found them in the end.
I've even heard them fly over at night in the pitch dark. 
Now that's an amazing skill.
I mean we can get lost driving at night with headlights and GPS!  

Anyway, I digress... it's Friday and it's time to party, so as usual I'm linking up to Paint Party Friday.
Eva and Kristin host a gathering of talented artists to a show and tell link... so why not follow the link to see some amazing art.

So here's my desk where I'm still working on 'My Week On A Page #5'.
(see the rain on the window pane... yuk! 
I brought Muffy's bed up to the studio to paint it which initially confused her, but she soon settled into it... and I'm watching the 'Extra Slice' programme on my kindle. 
It's an additional spin off from the GBBO - the Great British Bake Off)

I'm taking far too long to complete these projects because they're taking more than two weeks for me to complete instead of the week, but I'm loving creating them. 
I think I need to remember to keep loose and not spend so much time on them. I'm learning so much.
I'm also still working on the Koi Carp, so hopefully I'll be able to show you the two completed. 
Even though these are unfinished, I have been spending more time in the studio... so I'm happy.
Now I'm on a roll, I've also decided to join in with the InkTober challenge. 
Every October, artist from all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by creating one ink drawing a day for the entire month.
I only heard about the challenge on the fifth day, so had to post some of my old zentangles to play catch up. I love to draw with ink, so I'm having fun with this challenge.
Here's number 7... I felt it had to have an autumnal theme.
I adore trees and although it's strange to have an autumn scene without the autumnal colours, I think it still works. 
I'm a little rusty with this kind of design, but hopefully as the month progresses I'll get back into it.

And here's #8 in honour of the Great British Bake Off series finishing.
I watched the emotional final last night and was pleased with the outcome.
Don't worry there's no spoilers here.
But I will say there were a few tears and even Mary shed one or two. 
Anyway... here's my design
Sorry for the lack of colour, but I promise that they'll be lot's next week.
Paint Party Friday
Have a great weekend everyone... with lots of fun!
Happy Painting Emoji
Hot off the press.... I completed My Week On A Page #5 this afternoon (only a few hours late)
So why have I painted these particular items?
Here's a brief explanation....

  • The Virginia Creeper (the red leaves) has crept up one of the walls of the house which provides a fantastic wall of colour... especially when the morning sun set's it alight. 
  • The washing line is to pay homage to the last few days of being able to let things dry outside. 
  • Muffin's bed and blanket went for an airing which too some planning because it had to go out and be back before she needed a snoozelet. 
  • The apples were taken from my sister's apple tree when we went down to visit recently. It's produced the best crop ever this year.
  • And finally my hair scrunchy. I know it's a strange thing to include but it's all part of the winter preparations. I've grown my hair to be able tie it up. When the temperature drops you need to keep your winter coat on!
And that's it for this week... I can rest easy now.
Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and followers.