My Week On A Page #4 (Autumn arrives) PPF

It appears that spring has finally slipped quietly away and autumn has taken it's place.
I'm afraid I couldn't hang on to it any longer. 
All the signs are blatantly obvious now... the geese have flown over in their perfect V formations... chatting excitedly on heading south to warmer parts. 
The squirrels are busy evading my camera lens in their frenzied activity of preparing their winter food stores.
The leaves are just beginning to put on their autumn colourful display... with the odd leaf gently floating down to the ground. Many others will follow soon, but for now they're like gentle confetti. 
September is one of my favourite months, but one thing that I'm not happy about is the invasion of spiders coming into the house. No matter how often I sweep through with the feather duster... as soon as I turn my back... they're back and the web reappears.

Last Monday started out to be a very wet day, so it gave me the perfect excuse to head into the studio to create my week on a page painting.
Initially I sketched out the design 
The autumnal theme is prevalent with spiders and their webs, evasive squirrels and autumn leaves cascading down the page. I've also added into the sketch, packets used for collecting seeds. 
I have to admit that I've never taken the time to collect seeds before, but I'm going to give it a go this year. The trouble will be to remember where I put them when spring comes to call. 
There's also a bottle of dog shampoo included on the page, because we're heading into the realms of the daily paw spa. 
Muffy has hair (as apposed to fur) and once she gets wet, which lets face it when you're that low to the ground, is quite often. Even the early morning dew can cause soggy paws and tummy.
She can take an age to dry out.
It's a good job that she likes the hairdryer and will come running whenever she hears it.
I think she just loves the warm air blowing on her. 
A reminder of her youth when living in hot climates.
The remaining item is a helinium. 
One of my daughter's favourite plants. 
I've never grown them before, but have been delighted with their fantastic vibrant colour, like mini sunflowers in my border. I can't believe that they are still producing flowers and look like they'll carry on for some time to come... with lots of buds still to open.
They are perfect to cut and bring into the house for floral arrangements.
They last for ages too.
So here's the finished page... My week on a page #4
I have such fun creating these pages. 
It's a great visual diary.
Perhaps you'd like to give it a try? 
Paint Party Friday
Thanks for visiting and I'd love to hear what you'd include on your page.
Have fun and I hope to see you again soon.
Happy painting peeps!