My Week On A Page #2 - PPF

Yet another busy week this week.
I'm trying to catch on so many things, but I did manage to finish the painting from last week.
My Week On A Page #2
So here it is...
(If you missed or would like to read about why I've chosen the objects that I have... then click here)
Initially, I roughly sketched the objects with a pencil.
Then I under-painted them. 
This is a new technique for me but one that I now love to do and think it makes such a big difference to the finished painting. I'm trying to keep this loser style and it's certainly enabling me to paint more. I'm not getting too precious with details which can take up so much time.
I'm enjoying this new style and hope it will evolve.
I used Kuretake: Gansai Tambi Japanese watercolour paints to build up the layers.
Then outlined with a black pen.
I also wrote a brief description to remind myself of why I chose each object.
The highlights are painted with silver watercolour paint but unfortunately it doesn't show up very well in this photograph. I like it especially on the birdfeeder and bottle.

It's a brief post today because I want to start a new painting so please forgive me.
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Thank you for your visit ... I'm still trying to visit everyone who has visited my place over the last few weeks, but it's taking me some time. 
If I haven't got to you yet please be patient... I'll hopefully visit you as soon as I can. 
In the meantime enjoy your weekend... have fun and lots of creativity.