My week on a page #1 (WOYWW 322)

Just a quickie this morning, which will please Julia over at the What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday party, as she likes us to be brief when we open our doors to show what's happening in our creative world. It's understandable because there are so many desks to visit, so it works well if the text is brief... (so maybe I'll manage not to natter too much this week?)
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After taking part in Tracey Fletcher King's art classes over the summer, I'm now playing at loosening up in my drawing. I think it's beginning to work because I did these paintings really quickly for me and I actually had fun!
It's difficult sometimes to find subjects that I would like to paint, so to have every day objects for my projects is a perfect way and now I have no excuses.
Tracey has recently started to draw her week on one page and I love it. So I asked would she mind if I tried and she said nae probs no problem in her gorgeous Aussie accent.

So here's some of mine...
No desk view sorry, but a work in progress... I'd rather not let you know entirely what I get up to... so I'm chief editor and executive decision maker!
Oh don't you just love power?
Above are a pair of my gardening gloves... I have about three pairs currently and these are the newest. I just brought them in from the garden and put them on the studio desk... I started drawing straight away... hence the mud and damp patches. Yep, I'm still battling in the garden whenever the weather is kind... which isn't as often as I'd like it. 
Next, because we have actually had the odd day with sunshine, I've put my cozy Ugg slippers away and found my summer slippers hidden in the back of my wardrobe.
Then here's my best gardening implement. 
I've no idea what it's called but it's such a little Trojan and makes weeding as easy as it possibly can be.
The pea's are what I've managed to grow without a greenhouse or a veggie plot.
I'm so pleased with them and myself... (she says puffing up with pride) and I have to tell you they are delicious. 
There are other things on the page, but they need to be finished off before I show you the whole page. 
Besides it's only Wednesday, so there's a few days to go before my week is up. 
What a tease eh?
I told you I like power! 

So that's it for now peeps.
Have a great creative week and I'll hopefully see you soon.