My Week On A Page #1 (PPF)

I know I left a snippet of what I've been creating in the studio earlier this week, but amazingly I'm now able to show you the whole thing today.  
Here's a snippet from my previous post, just in case you didn't manage to see it. 
If you'd like to see the post then click here
I took the idea from Tracey Fletcher King (with her permission of course) and it's just perfect for me. I often struggle to find a subject to draw/paint, but this idea of creating a page containing things that have been part of my week is just ideal. 
It's just a snippet of my week but quite fun to pick which things to include.
So for this first week I've included Gardening Gloves, Gardening Tool, Summer Slippers, Home Grown Peas, Telephone and Mobile phone, a Baking Spatula and a book with a idea bubble.

The gardening gloves have certainly earned their keep since I returned from being away for a few days, along with my magic wand... well it's almost magic, but unfortunately it needs a little input from me. I'm absolutely thrilled that along with some strawberry's and tomatoes I've managed to grow some beautiful sweet garden peas. They are so gorgeous I'm hardly managing to bring any into the house... popping the pods and enjoying they're gorgeousness before I reach the kitchen. 
You don't get fresher than that!
With the weather improving, although not quite where I'd like it to be, I've brought my summer slippers out into the light from the dark recesses of my wardrobe. 
Fool-hardy perhaps but it is August after all. 
The phone is always a big part of my day whether it's the landline or my mobile phone, so I felt I had to include them. The book is something I'm mulling over and have been for the last year.
Hey, I'm world class when it comes to procrastinating!

And finally the blue spatula... which is from a Donna Hay baking range. 
I got it along with an oven glove when I purchased one of her books when I lived in Melbourne. 
I wanted to include it because baking has taken off here in a BIG way this week.
The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) is back. 
I just heard that the viewing figures have been incredible for this new series, but rightly so. 
The programme airs at 8pm on a Wednesday evening and is an hour of pure entertainment for me.
I've even baked a cake this week in it's honour.
I could go on about it, but I fear I might lose some of my audience... especially if you've never seen, heard or even like baking... so I'll shut up!

I'm noticing quite a change in my painting style and it's certainly loosening up, which is thrilling for me and something I've wanted to do for some time.
Thanks Tracey xx

Because it's Friday I'm going to link up with Kristin and Eva and Paint Party Friday
I have guests coming to stay so must dash. 
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned and thanks for visiting my place.
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