Sunshine makes me smile

Finally the sun returned today... it was glorious and there was even some warmth to it too.
So I thought I'd bring you a little sunshine from my garden.
I know so many of you have been having hot weather for quite some time, but today was the first here... I'm afraid it's made me a little giddy!

There's so much progress in the garden at the moment and we seem to be moving from our blue period, (all the flowers seemed to have been blue after the daffs and tulips disappeared) to the bright vibrant, yellow phase.
In fact, everything seems to be bracing themselves for bursting into bloom if they haven't already done so. I know they're a little late... but really if you'd been out there in my garden suffering the gales, rain and grey skies for weeks, then I'm sure you'd be a little behind.
I have been trying to remain positive and not let it bother me, but it was touch and go over last weeks fog! Thankfully, I hope that's all behind us now and we can enjoy the rest of the summer as we should.
Oh no... listen to me... I sound so British nattering on about the weather all the time.
The above lily is a newcomer to my garden. 
My hubby bought me two a few weeks ago. 
I think they're called 'Tiny Bee'. 
I can't help but smile when I look at them and once the sun highlighted there beauty today, I had to take a photo. 
I hope it makes you smile too.
A smile is contagious... so pass it on!