Out and about for Weekend Walkies

 Well, that was a busy weekend. 
It was my hubby's birthday too... and no I couldn't possibly divulge his age because that would reflect badly on me, in more ways than one.
But I can reveal that this is one of three photograph's that I took on our morning woodland walk.
I didn't think my hubby would appreciate the other two photo's, because the light reflects off his head!
This would come as a complete shock to him... bless 
So I thought I'd leave him in denial... ignorance is bliss.
In fact, when I look back over the weekend we were out for most of the time in one form or another. 
Although the weather wasn't sunny, at least the temperature had risen (slightly) so it was quite pleasant to get out and about. 
It's been quite some time since I have been on a bike ride, so when my hubby suggested it, I can't say I was chomping at the bit.
He's a very keen cyclist, so I knew it would be a challenge because we live in rather a hilly place and my lungs just couldn't take it... never mind my legs. 
But he explained that there was a perfect cycle path not too far away... and it is on the flat too!
It's called 'The Deeside Way', or as it is sometimes called, 'The Royal Deeside Line'
This cycle path is the old railway line that linked Aberdeen to Banchory. 
The route is generally well surfaced with ash or tar now making it ideal for cyclists.

It's also used by pedestrians, dog walkers, horse riders and cyclists of all abilities.
Even old girls like this one...
(I'm not sure I'm happy about posting my rear view)
I have to confess that I nearly ended up in the ditch on quite a few occasions, much to my hubby's dismay. Not because of my lack of proficiency on my part... basically I was too busy being nosy peeking into the back gardens of some of the most affluent homes on the North Deeside Road.
It was a very tranquil ride which offers some great views over picturesque countryside and the River Dee... with the added bonus of hardly a gradient in sight. 
 My kind of bike ride!

But don't forget we're in the middle of summer (slight sarcastic tone here) and look at the sky below as we came to the end of our ride. 
We've had some incredible rain, so we took no chances and made a mad dash home. 
One day last week there were flash floods which accompanied the thunderstorms. 
Some photo's even made it on to the national news with cars virtually floating away. 
Thankfully, I'm glad that we live quite high up... it may not be the best for cycling, but it's certainly safer when the heavens open.
Aberdeen (the Granite City) has masses of chimney pots. 
I've counted 24 on one particular building alone. 
Imagine back in the day having the misfortune to be the maid of the grand residence that had to clean them out daily.
I have enough trouble with my two wood burners... thank you very much!

Here's Muffy taking a nosy peek into someone's garden. 
I wonder who she gets that from? 
To finish off the weekend... nature gave us a beautiful sunset.
Unfortunately, the incredible light doesn't show up on this photo as much as I'd have liked.
It looked like the sky had a live electrical wire of white, yellow, orange and red running across it. 
It's difficult to describe but it was so vibrant and intense. 
Truly a brilliant spectacle.
So what does the week have in store for you?
I'd love to hear all about it...
Personally, I'm hoping for more sun, warmth, painting, gardening, and fun to name but a few... 
Hope to see you again soon