I don't believe it... unfinished chocolate? (PPF)

I haven't had a chance to produce much art work over the last few weeks, but I hear that this weekend is supposed to be wet. Somehow I'm slightly excited by this, which is ludicrous really, after waiting so long for the summer heat to arrive. 
If it is wet... then I have a plan.
I'm going to nip into the studio to finish off lot's of projects from Tracey Fletcher King's classes over at Community Thrive
The classes are to help us to learn to be loose with our painting.
We have been painting everyday objects and goodies from our fridges. 
Fruit and vegetables along with familiar products and items that we use everyday.
I suppose you could say we're taking in our daily five... but in a slightly different way 
The next step is to make a little booklet and then decorate it with our paintings. 
I'm really looking forward to creating my booklet. 
They'll be a little origami involved with possibly lots of licking and sticking. 
It should be fun (hopefully) and if I end up with anything that looks reasonably like a booklet, I'll be sure to let you see it. 

Now I know Tracey is a chocolate fan, but she also likes sprouts!
In fact, she loves them,.. how I don't know, but she does.
But I went for the chocolate option. 
(I mean who seriously likes sprouts????) 
I do manage to cook them, but that's as near as I'll go. 
Surprisingly, everyone praises them... but just don't ask me to eat one.
I'm afraid I feel the same about cabbage.

Just a little detour here to tell you a tale from my childhood... 
My sister once cooked cabbage as part of our family Sunday Roast. 
But she conjured up a devious plan. 
She sliced open my Yorkshire pudding to fill it with cabbage, then covered it with gravy.
I took one bite and the whole meal was ruined for me.
I couldn't eat another thing off my plate. 
How she thought I wouldn't notice I'll never know, but I didn't eat another mouthful.
Don't worry I've forgiven her... but only just.

Anyway... no more greens.
Lets move on to the good stuff...
Mmm... chocolate.
It's a work in progress but I thought you might like to see it.
Okay, I'll admit the packet is empty now. 
Yes, I know it's a big bar but you need something to keep you going whilst working.
But actually, I have no idea where it all went (sheepish look) it just disappeared.
Perhaps mice? 

Let's move on swiftly
Here's another of my loves...
I know I need to practice my lettering... it's seriously off, but I had fun painting this box.
Tracey is all about painting loosely, but it's not something I find easy to do. 
I get stuck on detail and it's not that easy to change your style. 
It's great therapy to paint quickly, but I need to practice.
I always seem to be a little afraid when I'm faced with a clean white sheet of paper, but if I paint regularly then hopefully this fear will disappear. 
I mean what's the worse that could happen to me? 
I'll produce something I'm not happy with. 
See nobody died!
So I'll keep having fun and see where this journey takes me... 
I know with Tracey's help it's going to be fun. 
Finally, I thought I'd show you how my last painting looks when a frame is added.
Apologies for the reflections... unfortunately I couldn't eliminate them.
Once again I really enjoyed painting this one and think it looks great for a kitchen.
I may rethink this and paint a new one.
Using this as a draft.
I think I could have been more imaginative with the layout.
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I hope you have fun this weekend.
Thanks for visiting my place and I hope to see you again soon.