Enchanted Forest... Paint Party Friday

This is to be a super speedy link to Paint Party Friday today, because basically I've nothing to show. I have been away and unlike some artists who paint whilst their on holiday, I'm afraid all my good intentions amounted to nothing. Even though with limited weight allowance I still carried my art supplies, so the intentions were there... but then time disappeared. 
But one thing I would like to share with you today, is my adult colouring book.
I must say I'd never thought about mentioning adult colouring books would cause a stir until my son's face told me it had all sorts of different connotations. 
So I'm going to say it's a colouring book for adults.
Oh my... it doesn't sound good no matter how I say it. 
Or maybe it's just me?

Anyway... let's move on 
Here's the book
I've thought about creating a colouring book myself and know Johanna Basford's work's already, so I've been keen to purchase it. A flight delay meant I had some time to wondering around the book shop and just had to have it when I saw it on the shelf. 
By the way... Johanna actually lives in Aberdeen too.
This is a beautiful book and I was showing someone all the intricate details, when they realised that I wouldn't be colouring it in. They were surprised, but I wouldn't dream of doing that.
I want to keep it just as it is... which I suppose isn't the point but then that's just me.

Hopefully, I'll have caught up and produced some artwork for next week but if you'd like to visit Eva and Kristin's party then click here
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hopefully I'll see you again soon.

p.s. Wish me luck because I'll be spending some time over the next week editing and loading my photo's (all 1556) onto a hard drive. If you hear a squeal... then you'll know I've lost them!