Counting chocolate calories (WOYWW)

Just a quickie this morning to show what's on my work desk (WOYWW) this morning. 
I'm loading this on my kindle, so I'm hoping it will work okay... 
keeping my fingers crossed... so far so good...

As you can see I finally finished my chocolate bar. 
In fact, I finished it off in more ways than one. 
I devoured it! 
Well in my defence, it was a little tricky so what's a girl to do... obviously eat chocolate.
Well in my book it is obvious (any excuse)
It's amazing just how much detail there are in everyday objects if you just look closely. 
For instance, I'd never have known that there were (note past tense) over 500 calories in this bar! 
And I ate them all (groan)
So now that I know this horrendous detail I'm going to link to Julia's Stamping Ground blog then go for a jog/gym session/ triathlon/marathon or whatever it takes to get rid of those 500 calories!
Have fun and hopefully I'll see you again soon.