My Sunday Photo

I have to admit it's been rather silly over the last few weeks and I feel I really must apologise to my regular followers. I've totally neglected you recently. Unfortunately, I've been involved with numerous projects that have eaten into my free time... the time that I would normally spend writing blog posts. 
Hopefully, I'll be able to get some sort of normality back into my schedule soon, because I've got lot's to share with you. 
For instance, like a recent weekend away, where we were able to sit and appreciate the space, peace, weather and fabulous views. 
Sometimes it's good to just sit still for a while. 
I'll be writing about this beach and it's lighthouse, along with lots more in a future post, plus my trip to the Gardening Scotland Show. 
As always they'll be lot's of photos too, so I hope to see you soon.
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Have a great weekend whatever to get up to... enjoy!