Work Desk Wednesday and Paint Party Friday?

I can't show you my desk today because there's quite literally nothing on it.
It's still clear due to being away over the holiday weekend. 
So instead I'll show you how it looked last Wednesday... before we went away. 
 When my anthurium plant lost a flower I just couldn't let it go because even though it had died and turned brown, it was still incredibly beautiful.
The details and colour needed me to have a go at painting it.
Does that ever happen to you... something shouts "paint me"?
I hope you're noticing the glorious sunshine flooding through the window. It was so much so that I nearly (...I say 'nearly'...) had to shut it out by pulling the blind down.
What madness... fancy me shutting out the sun.... never!

I was really quite happy at this stage of the painting, but as usual I had to carry on and I spoil it.
I like the subject just floating on the page but I thought I'd try the shadow.
I am hopeless at drawing shadows, so if anyone has any tips then I'd love to hear from you.

As you can see my usual companion wasn't in the least bit interested in shadows... she's more of a sun worshiper following it around the house.
Other than her snoring... I can't say she distracted me which led me to ruin the painting. 
It was all my own work!
She was content to roast away in snoozeyland.
 Well that's it for this week WOYWWer's.
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Paint Party Friday
They'd all love to see you.
Have fun this week and I hope to see you soon