Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails... PPF

Hands up if you don't believe it can be Friday already? 
Well it is... and what a week it's been.
But today is party day thanks to Eva and Kristin hosting this weeks Paint Party Friday
So other than Muffy sitting on it... what else is on my desk this Friday?
Snails... (yuk) 
I personally dislike them with a passion, but after seeing Nic and her blue snail holding onto her teabag, on the side of her cup, I offered to send her some of my slimy pests.
Not surprisingly she declined... well they weren't a beautiful blue colour for a start. 
But that got me thinking perhaps I should be a little more tolerant 
(not covering them with salt as some people do) 
but think of them possibly bringing other wildlife into my garden.
Perhaps owls and hedgehogs? 
I've heard the owls in the nearby woods,so I know they're quite near. 
I just need them to know there's an abundant feast here, before the little pests devour my hostas completely!
I seem to be a little lost with my art at the moment.
I don't know what I want to draw/paint, so I reverted back to base... revisiting my zentangle phase.
I go into a trance when I'm drawing these designs... but alas this time it didn't work. 
Maybe that phase is over?
That's a shame because it was good whilst it lasted... we'll have to see?
I'm thinking I'll colour this snail to try to brighten up his popularity.

Just a slight deviation... look what my sister saw in her garden this week.
Now I'd love one of these cute visitors.
Mrs Tiggywinkle come to tea.
Gorgeous isn't she?
(well I'm saying she but I haven't a clue... please put me right if she is in fact a he!) 
The sun is shining and there's a party, so if you'd like to join in come on over.
See you there...
Paint Party Friday
Have a wonderful weekend... enjoy!