My Sunday Photo... Bursting Blossoms

My Sunday photo sums up the month of May to me... even though as I look out of the window we're enshouded with cloud and drizzle.
I had thought I might have been able to post photographs of the magnificent fox that has been prowling around the nearby field, or the Mallard ducks that landed on the impromptu lake that has formed in the centre of our back field after so much rain during last week. Or the deer that have been elegantly leaping and running in what appears to be slow motion near to our house.  
But alas, I didn't manage to get any decent shots of them... but thankfully I did manage to watch and appreciate their visit. 
As the garden bursts into life and there's a danger of it running away without me...
(I know realise that I'm a fair weather gardener) 
I'll let you see some of the new arrivals that have surprised me. 
One minute they are just leaves, then you turn your back for a minute and 'POP'
 ... the blooms burst!
(Can you believe that this one is a tulip!)
Just one more thing before I go...
If you are celebrating Mother's Day today as I know Australia, America and Canada are... 
then I hope you have a great day with your loved ones. 

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 Have a super Sunday and thanks for stopping by.
I'm always thrilled to see you and even more so if you take the time to leave me a comment.
I'm off to tackle some weeding before Sunday lunch.
Toodleloo for now xoxo