How about a country walk this morning?

Good morning... or afternoon, or evening depending on where you are in the world.
I decided this morning that Muffy and I should stretch our legs.
I know that's a little difficult for Muffy, with being so near to the ground
(virtually challenged shall we say) 
but when she's up for it, she certainly can walk.
So instead of the park as usual this morning, we heading out into the country lanes.
Would you like to join us...?
The fresh gusty wind was playing with the clouds... chasing their shadows across the fields.
The birds were also having great difficulty navigating, with gusts blowing them off course and whether they wanted to or not, making spectacular acrobatic displays.
The gorse is stunning at the moment and I'm sure there wasn't this much around at this time last year. 
It's bright yellow floral display is quite a delight whilst we wait for the sun to return.
I remember someone asked on a previous post what gorse actually was but unfortunately I've forgotten who asked! 
I know it's an age thing.
Here's a few facts about gorse for those that aren't familiar with the thorny evergreen.
The flowers have fantastic yellow flowers that have a distinctive coconut smell.
It likes banks, heaths and sea-cliffs although at the moment it appears to be everywhere I look.
Folklore says you should only kiss your beloved when gorse is in flower. 
The good news is that it is pretty much in bloom at any time of year! 
But the peak time for the vibrant yellow blooms is April and May.
This photo might give you some idea of how strong the wind was... I even had to hold onto my hat!
One advantage for Muffy being so low down to the ground, is that she was tucked away behind the granite walls for much of the time, so out of the strong wind... otherwise with her being off lead she might have been the first dog to fly!
Does anyone else remember playing as a child with dandelions? 
We would shout and chant "wet the bed... wet the bed" if anyone picked one and on a more friendly note, we would use the seedlings to tell the time singing the rhyme... one-o-clock, two-o-clock...etc etc... whilst blowing the seeds from the stem.
Just another little fact... did you know that a seed can be carried as many as five miles from their origin.
It also has the longest flowering season of any plant! 
No wonder I can't clear them out of my garden.

It was lovely to have you join me this morning... I hope you enjoyed it.
I thought I've shown you enough of my garden and some of the plants within it
(see my Instagram feed in my sidebar if you don't use Instagram) 
so I thought it was a good idea to expand and go further afield, quite literally.

Well, I'm off now to tackle those dandelions and other weeds.
(whispering voice... the sun's shining!!!)
Have a wonderful Wednesday... enjoy!