What's on your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW #306) Profusions of plants

I had better throw in my cap first to Julia and the WOYWW gang... I may be barred? 
But in my defence, I've had trouble with my laptop (twice), visitors and generally being the preverbial blue ***** fly!
 Just because I haven't posted what's on my desk (WOYWW) doesn't mean I haven't been peeking and thinking about you all.
It's funny how these blogging practices can grab a hold and hang on tight. 
I'm borrowing my son's laptop (again) for this post whilst he's distracted, but I'm aware I'm having to rush because I don't want to be responsible for him not completing an assignment or project. 
So with that in mind... here's my desk.
I was at a loss a few mornings ago. 
I knew I wanted to paint something but couldn't think what... and that's when the negative voice started screaming "well why bother anyway, you're always disappointed with the result" and "you know it's all brilliant in your head... the problem starts when you put the paper and paint in front of you".
Why is it that that negative voice no matter what it refers to is the loudest and the first to come forward. I'm very aware of this, so I gave it a sharp talking to. 
Thankfully silently to myself and not out loud, as I frighten everyone enough already!
Anyway... I picked some flowers out of the garden and started.
I got to that ugly stage and it was nearly time to say "okay you win" but I carried on and surprise surprise I actually like it!!! 
 I went to a watercolour workshop a few weeks ago and hopefully I'll be posting all about it sometime soon (probably when I can bribe more laptop time)

I've also been using a different desk over this week too.
It's the work bench in our garage. 
I've been creating hanging baskets and mangers. 
Yes it's that time already.
They won't be hanging outside for quite some time, but I was caught out last year by starting them too late and they had a job to catch up. 
So I'm ahead of the game... now we just need the right conditions 
(I know the south of the UK is enjoying fantastic temperatures this week, but that frosticle fiend can play cruel tricks) 
I'll not hang them out until at least the end of May and then only depending on conditions.
I came up with an ingenious idea of placing two mangers back to back in the wheel barrow. 
Too many times they have tumbled over and all the tender plants have been given an unwelcome short back and sides! 
Now they are stable and I can wheel them in and out to make the most of the sunshine, but tuck them up safe and sound at night. 
Brillent eh?
So that'll do for today (someone's lurking and wanting the laptop back) 
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Have fun everyone and I hope to see you soon.