Paint Party Friday....Buzzy Busy Bees

 It gives me great pleasure to announce that we've had a spectacular week of sunshine. 
Not a drop of rain in sight and I've even had to resort to watering certain plants and seedlings. 

Along with the arrival of the sun is the bugs, slugs, spiders, insects, bunnies, deer, birds and bees! 
If you don't follow my instagram or twitter accounts, then you'll not be aware that I was a hero a few days ago. On Earth day to be precise, I freed a magnificent bee from my front room window. 
He was frantically trying to escape... so I helped him. 
Oh no... it was nothing... really. 
But a few hours later whilst busy in one of the borders in the garden, I came across this guy and I swear he's the escapee! 
He just gave me that look.
Along with photographing him, I thought it might be fun (ha!) painting him. 
What was I thinking? 
I really do wonder where these wonderful ideas come from.
Anyway here's my attempt.
 Little did I realise just what hairy wee beasties they are.
I went into auto mode using the ink pen... I find that bit so relaxing.
I've taken a closer picture with the light highlighting all the little bristles.
 I'm not sure he's finished yet, but then I realised that I should have painted the background first... adding in the azalea flowers. What a numpty!
But it is only in my journal so I can play.
I could always redo him onto good paper if I really wanted to be pernickety.
 I thought I'd better take some photos before I tried adding in the flowers. 
If I want to paint it again then I'll be sure to remember all that I learnt from this trial piece. 
I'll try to finish this off later today... it's been fun.
 So that's it from me for today... I'm off to enjoy the day plus paying visits to Paint Party Friday.
They'd love to see you over there... just click on the link because you're invited!
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned... enjoy!