Muffy... the face of an angel

It's a fact that with age comes a certain wiffyness... an aroma. 
Okay, let's not beat about the bush here... a smell.
There I've said it.
Now hang on a minute... I'm not talking about ME!
I'm afraid it's Miss Muffty. 
She'll be horrified if she hears this so let's keep this between you and me.
Well, she is on her way to 12 years though... erm... what's that in human years? 84! Phew!
Oh yes, she's still cute and puppy like and gets away with murder when she puts a certain look your way, but there's no getting away from it, you have to be brave to let her too near. 
The trouble is she loves to get up close and personal but her breath can knock you out at times.
(some say it's not that bad but I have to say it's nay bonnie)
Kisses galore, yawns in your face and death by licking can all have you holding your breath. 
(a little part of me wonders if she knows this and the little minx that she is, goes in for the kill anyway!)
Don't worry, I've tried all the usual treats, chewsticks and everything else on the market but she either won't have them or they don't appear to do what it says on the tin.
(from here on in, perhaps I should warn any of my vegetarian readers that you might not like the subject matter...apologies in advance)
I remember a vet in Melbourne once advised to give her a raw chicken wing every now and then... which initially horrified me. 
 (this photo was taken in Melbourne... see the length of that tongue)
Was he wanting to see her off with chicken that may be contaminated with Salmonella? 
Or choke her with small bones?
But no he assured me that she'd be okay and I have to admit when I did give her some she was very happy. (See above) Maybe a little surprised that I'd forgotten to cook it, but she took it anyway... just in case I remembered and whisked it off her. 
It certainly goes against the grain... raw chicken and small bones etc but nothing ventured nothing gained. 
I'm not sure if she's unique but if she's given something a little different or special then she carries it away and lies looking at it. It's as if she can't believe her eyes. 
This procedure can take some time. 
Enough time for me to think the bacteria could be multiplying by the millions if she doesn't hurry up and eat it. 
She can carry it to different locations which isn't ideal.
Cream carpets etc and that's one of the reasons I decided to give her a wing yesterday... the weather was so good so she could take it outside. 
As predicted she carried it onto the patio and lay next to it for a while. 
I on the other hand was battling weeds in my borders! 
And they say it's a dog's life.
I did catch her on the way to a border to hide/dig the wing into a good hiding place. This has happened before, so I headed her off at the pass, giving her a command and by some miracle she actually stopped in her tracks and lay it down next to her. 
We then played stale mate... me watching her... watching me... watching her!
 (chicken wing on the left of the photo)
I was the first to back down (she knows me so well) as I mentioned I had a border calling me. 
So the little minx waited until I went to empty my weed bucket and then she disappeared. 
I couldn't find her as I walked around the perimeter of the garden. 
I didn't want to shout her because I wanted to see where she'd hidden the chicken.
No sign of her or the chicken wing anywhere. 
Then I became of eyes watching me... she was standing in the middle of the lawn with the face of an angel.
I swear if she could talk she would be saying "what? WHAT?.... nothing to see here"

Finally, after proceeding furtively with stealth, I saw her returning to the scene of the crime. 
Under the curly hazel tree... of course... she knew I'd never fit under there.
Anyway... it appears she's finally eaten it but I can't say I've done the breath test yet.
I'm building up to that....
I mean look at that face... how can you be cross with that
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