Paint Party Friday...Peony and Perfume

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today because as regular visitors will know, I normally only have unfinished work to bring to Eva and Kristin's PPF 'show and tell' but not so today. 
Oh no my friends, I have finished work... in fact, I have two pieces of art work to show you. 
Yes two!!!
Here's the first which I started at the beginning of the week.
My pink peony.
It shows that I'm now back in my art studio and not working on the kitchen table.
Here's a link that shows the peony painting at it's conception...(click here if you missed it earlier)
I was obviously going through a pink stage, which for anyone who knows me knows that it isn't the norm for me. But I do love my pink peony in my garden but it's been so long since I last saw it...
Thankfully I can happily report that there's signs of life in the garden border at last.
New shoots have appeared... woohoo... spring has sprung.
I may have taken a step too far by adding some glitter to the tips of the petals on the main plant.
Call me reckless but I just couldn't stop myself.
I'm not sure it shows up very well in this photo, but it's there... well in fact it's EVERYWHERE!
And to think I was careful with my application, using it very sparingly.
I'm like a fairy sprinkling fairy dust as I go... it's now scattered throughout the house.
Just how far or easily can glitter travel?
Obviously far and wide! 
(I need to just whisper here that I'm not sure if it's actually finished or not... I know I said it was, but I'm still not sure? What do you think? All comments and advice gratefully accepted)

And so on to my second entry...
Now let me explain before we start... (why is there always an issue with me?)
I wanted to try to paint a perfume bottle like the extremely talented Tracey Fletcher King
Tracey's art and blog posts are legendary and she's going from strenght to strenght. 
No one deserves success more than her, so grab a cuppa (she'll approve trust me) and head over to her place. NO WAIT.... Maybe you should carry on here first and then look at her work. 
A sort of before talent and after! 

The next thing I need to explain is the actual perfume bottle itself.
This bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier's 'Classique' is nothing like what you'd be able to purchase today.
Mine has been fermenting like a great fine wine or a single malt whiskey.
Not intentially, but it has been lost and forgotten over time in the dark depths of an old overnight bag that I found when trying to find a boot to make up a matching pair.
(Another long story which I'll spare you of today)

Anyway... I did find the missing boot plus this bottle of perfume (but not in the same place) but the perfume colour has changed quite considerably
(possibly giving away just how long I've had it to an expert eye)
It actually still smells pretty good and I have to confess that I've been wearing it around the house... I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to wear it outside, although thankfully no-one's commented on a strange pong smell when I'm in their vicinity.
So I'm taking that as a positive.
(but can I just say here and now... I wouldn't say no to some new perfume if a certain someone wants to buy me some... ...if by some miracle he actually reads this blog)  
I was quite pleased at one stage with this, but as usual with me I went on and passed that stage when I should have known better and stopped.
There's so many faults here that I'll not bother explaining them... besides you'll know or see them for yourself.

I remember when my hubby actually bought me this perfume and I also remember being both delighted and quite shocked by the bottle. I'd never seen any other bottle quite like it.
So that should indicate just how many years ago it was when he bought it. 
But I'm sure my hubby was drawn to the perfume and smell and nothing else (hmm...)
I did have fun challenging myself with this one, because I didn't use any pencil lines at all.
Well almost until very near the end, then I used my Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils for the lettering and just a little touch here and there. 
Normally, I use a pencil, ruler and a lot of anxiety when drawing.
I have no idea why I get so hyped up, but I'm trying very hard to just loosen up. 
I think I've been saying that for years now...
Here's a sample of my gin bottle if you missed it from an earlier post which  shows how I would usually draw.

Time's marching on so let the party commence and don't forget to nip over to Tracey Fletcher King and Paint Party Friday for some amazing art work.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking up with Sunday Sketches too.
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Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned... and until we meet again don't forget to have fun and keep smiling