Knock knock... who's there?

I'm carrying on with the bird theme this morning because we are quite literally in a flap.
The reason being that we have had new visitors come to call.
I had mentioned to my daughter that I was pretty sure that I'd seen a Jay near the garden for a few days now, but because they are so flighty I couldn't be sure.
I'd not managed to see more than a flash of white on it's rump, as I spooked the visitor every time I went near a window.
I know I can look a little scary first thing in the morning, but I felt this was a little harsh. Anyway, yesterday after walking around and replenishing the bird feeders (one of my early morning chores) I became aware of a larger different bird coming near.
From an upstairs window using all the stealth we could muster... crawling along the floor to peek over the window ledge, we managed (or should I say my daughter managed) to get a few photos of him/her.
Now isn't that something...
Although the Jay is the most colourful members of the crow family, they can actually be quite difficult to see.
The are very timid and shy woodland birds. 
That's one of the reasons why I feel so privileged that they have broken their cover from the nearby woods to visit our plot.
If you'd like to know a little more about the Jay then here's a link to the RSPB here
But look... we didn't only get one visiting... we in fact got two.
The bird seed must be top-notch because a few minutes later two more came to join the party!
Four Jay's feasting!
What a sight and considering they are not supposed to be in the North of Scotland, I'm taking full credit for my daily dedication of keeping the feeding stations fully topped up. I mainly use black sunflower seeds that have had the husks removed... (all the more easy to gobble and no mess) apparently only the best five star birdie restaurants have them on their menu.
(Brinvale Bird Food)
News of a different sort is that my fingers are happy tapping away this morning.
I finally have my laptop back.
Although my fingers know the keys it's now down to my brain and IT ability to work out where everything is.
It's been completely reworked so there's new files and messages popping up like popcorn popping in the pan!
It'll take some time to reorganise but I'll get there.
Things may not look or be quite the same but then change is good for you isn't it?.
 It keeps it all fresh.
In the meantime, I hope your week is going well and you have some lovely visitors come to call.
Until next time... have fun