Paint Party Friday... Japanese Paints

It's been a funny kind of week, busy as usual but with very springlike weather giving us hope of things to come. 
But the highlight had to be that I finally received my Japanese paints in the post.
It was just enough to look at the box never mind opening them to play.

I've been very pleased with my time management because I've actually been able to paint at least for some time every day, which is incredible for me.
I've also managed to spend some time in the garden too.
I've dug borders AND weeded. (Are you impressed?)
I did find a little cat bell in one of the borders, that had obviously become detached from one of our neighbours cats, during one of their forays through the garden no doubt.
We have three cat callers regularly... much to Mufftypups disgust. 
I thought it would be fun to give it a little tinkle, but Muffy's reaction was way over what I expected. Rapid eye movement, head on a swivel and rushing around in every direction.
She obviously thought that there was a cat in need of eviction! 
She had no idea that the bell was in my hand. I know... cruel but fun.
Now I can have play whenever I want.
 I can't wait for the next time that she's hiding in the undergrowth when I'm frantically calling her. 
She has a tendancy to play this game from time to time and just won't come out no matter how urgently I'm calling her or what I'm saying.
Even my trump card of  ' Chicken' doesn't work. Minx!
Now just a little tinkle from the magic bell has her charging from the undergrowth like a raging bull.
The mystery of the invisible cat!
 Anyway... back to the paints. 
I produced a colour chart as I think I'm supposed to do and it was really fun painting Mr Fox.
Why a fox? 
Well I've seen a magnificant fox in our back field but I'm hoping he stays near the woods although I suspect he may have come nearer to the house last week because we had a casualty... 
or should I say a corpse on the lawn. 
A headless poor wood pigeon to be precise.
I'm thinking it was the fox because...
1. Mr Fox looked extemely well fed and healthy, so he can obviously look after himself and...
2. The wood pigeon had no head which I believe is what foxes do to chickens.
I could be wrong, but I'm keeping a close eye on Muffy when she's out in the garden.
With all of the lovely weather we've been having this past week I've certainly got spring in mind. 
We've gained an extra hour of daylight either side of the day, which has made such a difference. 
The birds are singing at the top of their voice, trying to out do each other and the bulbs I planted with such high hopes last year are peeking up through the soil.
With the flowers about to pop I wanted to paint something for spring and because a cuppa is never far from my hand, I thought a flower filled tea pot was the perfect paint project.
I'm still unsure of the paints... we're like strangers but each time we meet over a cuppa we're getting more and more familiar with each other.
I think we're bonding well and may form a firm friendship for many years to come.
Because it's Friday I think it could be party time, so I've linked up with Kristin and Eva at Paint Party Friday. 
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Have a wonderful weekend everyone... have fun and hopefully the sun will shine.