Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015
Happy New Year to you all
I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too. 
I don't want to go back over Christmas because quite frankly, I wouldn't know where to start and that's been my problem. I've been thinking about my first post of the new year for a few days now, but the more I thought about it the more I got lost in details and then I suffered writers block. 

But one thing I must do first of all is to thank you for visiting me during this last year. 
It's been wonderful having you come to visit... and it certainly wouldn't be the same without you.
Without your visits this whole blog thing just wouldn't work!
For one thing I'd be talking to myself and that's something I don't want to start... 
I freak my kids out enough as it is! 
(one comment over the festive season was "you're like a six year old Mum" 
I can't quite make up my mind if that's a compliment or not) 

Over the last year there have been lots of changes, settling back into life here in 'good old Blighty' (that's the UK is you're not used to that term) into our old house plus renovations taking place here, there and everywhere (which by the way we're still working on) but I must admit I do feel settled now, which is quite a statement coming from me after so many years of being on the move. 
I also thought that I'd have a list of goals for next year by now 
(as is the norm at this time of year) 
but I've yet to produce one... but I'll get there... maybe by June but I'll get there! 
I've got lots of ideas, but I just need to get them prioritized and in order. 
So I thought I'd just come in for a brief natter and that would get the ball rolling.
We've had lots of chilly temperatures over the last few weeks... even down to minus 5 on occasions, but no snow as yet. 
I know that may sound strange coming from me, but I'd like to see some snow before winter passes. 
I'd much rather colder temperatures with bright, sun filled sky's than warmer, damp, wet days.
We actually had the perfect winter day here yesterday and it was lovely to wrap up and get outside to enjoy it.
But I'm not so sure Muffy was impressed with the crispy, frosticled grass.
As you can see the sun hangs incredibly low in the sky at this time of year.
I even managed to do a little gardening. 
As long as I kept in the sunlight and out of the wind, it was really quite pleasant.
It was also a treat to see little signs that spring will be calling soon.
Okay... well maybe not that soon but there's bulbs sprouting, new growth and leaves springing into life which is wonderful to see. It's obviously time to start planning once again and I feel a few trips to the nursery and garden centre might be in order.
I can also see that seedings in their plant pots might well invade every nook and cranny of the house  as unfortunatley, I don't have a green house (...as yet... hint hint!!! This is just in case hubby is reading this) 
Winter sunsets are special don't you think? 
But then I love most sunsets no matter what season, especially when the day has been used to the max. 

So there we are...
I've kept it brief but it's a start.
I hope you've had a great start to this new year with all of it's possibilities.
I feel this one's going to be a good one don't you?
Hopefully I'll see you again soon.