Paint Party Friday... Sunrise (PPF)

The photo above shows what a glorious sunrise greeted us on Thursday morning...
 no snow or not even a snowflake for that matter. I know the reports and news have said we are snowbound in the north of the country but yoohoo we're here and other than a slight flurry last week we've seen nothing... so far anyway.
Since taking this photo I've desperately wanted to paint it. 
So here I am using a borrowed laptop (unfortunately still no life in my own as yet) in order to share and take part in Kristin and Eva's Friday Paint Party
And so it starts....
 I'm not rushing this piece so yet again unfortunately you're going to see unfinished work but I promise to come back to show you the finished painting.
I think one of my faults is that I don't give my paintings enough time to develop.
I seize the moment and go like the clappers because I know that sooner rather than later my time will be gobbled up by other chores, tasks and requests (I was going to type the word demands but maybe that's a little harsh) 
I'm still working at the kitchen table and will be for the foreseeable future because my daughters taken over the studio. Her illustration career has really taken off which is wonderful so I don't mind moving over (for now)
If you want to check out what she's up to then here's a link... click here
I'm just about to start the exciting part... the trees
See you soon when I'll be back with the finished painting.

Paint Party Friday
Have a great fun weekend whatever you have planned.