My Sunday Photo... Neesie Nattering in the hot tub

 I love this photo of my daughter and I having a good natter whilst sipping champers in the hot tub. We're amongst some of the best winter scenery I've ever seen. 
A winter wonderland
It's been quite a week...
 I've had to add yet another year onto my milometer, even though I'd like to fix it so that the numbers go in reverse.  Unfortately that's a skill that I've yet to master. 
I'm sure that if I do actually manage it one day, then I'll be very popular and my skills will be in demand. 
But for now, I'll have to be content with a new skill that I've perfected in recent weeks... and that is the art of getting dressed and undressed in multi-layers all at once in one swift movement! 
Since we've been experiencing winter temperatures of - 4 and 5 degrees Celcius 
(ha... I hear you laugh in Canada)
I need thermals and lots of layers... multi-layers in fact... so to save time and to keep my exposure to the chilly air to the minimum, I now can put all the layers on at once!
I know... I'm quite proud of myself.
It's like being able to take off your bra without taking your top off first.
You know what I mean ladies, but I know any guy reading this will be totally mystified... but then that's females for you.
(Don't try to understand us... trust me you'll never do it!)
I have to admit that this all sounds a little drastic but for someone who doesn't like to be in temperatures below 16 degress... it's a must! 
Which reminds me of someone else that isn't a great fan of the cold weather...

 I've been taking lots of photos of all the wintery scenes (nothing new there) and posting them on instagram.
You'll be able to see some of them on my sidebar on the right of this post.

By the way the news on my laptop isn't good.
Well I suppose it would help if I actually took it into the repair shop for starters! (Gasp)
See I told you it's been one hellova week.

I'm off to snoozeyland now because tomorrow I need my wits about me as I'm taking part in the British Garden Bird Count. If last years count is anything to go by then I'll be in for a stressed and hectic time trying to count all of my visitors to the bird feeders! 
I'll let you know how I get on and I've already started to take the most regular visitors photographs to complete a visual collage. 
Wish me luck

Have a great Sunday
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Bye for now...