There was an old woman....

Do you know the song/nursery rhyme "There was an old woman..."?
Sing along with me if you do...
"There was an old woman who swallowed a fly
I don't know why she swallowed a fly
Perhaps she'll die"
Well thankfully I didn't die, although it was touch and go for a time.

I happened to be busy catching up with a few chores after yet again being away for a few days... 
pulling a few weeds as I passed I must have obviously been hyperventilating, because as I bent over 
a wee beastie decided to take a trip into my mouth! 
I tried desperately not to swallow it, but that little bugger was intent on his mission. 
Coughing and spluttering I staggered into the house and tried to drown him by gulping a glass of water, but alas he'd hidden in between somewhere... neither up nor down. 
(cough, cough, splutter splutter...)
Finally after a coughing fit of about half an hour, he must have decided to give in... 
adding to my protein intake for this last week. 
When I explained what had happened reliving my sorry tale to my hubby, he wasn't in the least bit as sympathetic as I thought he should be... 
but then he explained that's a constant occurrence when you're a cyclist.  

My absence was to sadly attend my Uncle J's funeral.
A huge man who both delighted and frightened me.
I remember when he visited my childhood home... he would enter the room and fill the doorway with his frame. He always asked for a kiss from me knowing it would send me running to hide behind the sofa... 
well I was just a little toot back then.  
I'm so glad that upon our last meeting we laughed about this and I willingly volunteered to give him a little wee peck on the cheek after all these years. I remember his smile from that day.
I also remember he fell asleep once, in a deckchair on the beach with his socks on and later that night we all had such a giggle when he showed us the sock pattern in bright red sunburn on his feet.
I don't think his feet were right for at least a week.  
The sun had burnt right through the weave of the socks.
This was accompanied with white strips across his sun burnt tummy.
The sun hadn't reached between the creases on his stomach, as he sat in a deckchair, but all the rest of his middle glowed bright red.
I'll not dwell too long on all of my memories, but I just want to say what a wonderful family I have.
We all came together and shared our memories and bid him a sad final farewell. 
RIP Uncle J

Later, I had an opportunity over the remaining few days to visit aunts and cousins that I haven't seen for years... 
...oh the reminiscing, memories and tales we exchanged.
I'm very blessed with my family and appreciate them all because I know that this is special. 
Not everyone has such a great gift..

Keeping that theme... here's where I originate from....
I've often seen this map on my sister's wall but never stopped to appreciate it...
It's where my roots are and my family (as well as my hubby's) are all still located there. 
Here's a closer look...
I'm not sure you'll be able to read any of the fascinating details...apologies if you can't

So that's it for today,
I had lots of posts in my head from both trips, but as often happens I didn't know where to start... 
or what to say... there was just too much.
I think I'll just leave you with this video clip that I took of Mufftypup running across a field yesterday.
I won't say too much about it as it may spoil it, but I think there's a possibility you'll have a giggle.

Apologise for my high pitch voice but all the music I tried just didn't fit.
It's not my normal voice ~ honestly! 

Have fun and enjoy your weekend everyone...
I'll be back to natter soon