WOYWW #278 ... Pomegranates

I know that we'll all be saying the same thing this morning... 
"Where on earth did September go"?
I don't even know where July and August went never mind September! 
Anyway, here we are... it's Autumn and it's Wednesday, so it's time to share what we have on our desk (or kitchen table in my case). 
Keeping it brief as is the wish of our leader and linky host Julia over at Stamping Ground
Here's my desk...
I've went to my art group yesterday and entered new territory. 
It was certainly scary stuff because I used oil pastels for the first time.

In keeping with the autumn theme we drew pomegranates. 
Little Ruby Jewels
This was my practice piece in my sketch book.
It gave me the opportunity to get to know the pastels and how they worked.
I can't really make up my mind if I liked the pastels or not. 
I suppose it's early days yet.
I think I'm going to have to play a little more to come to a definite decision. 
I liked the way layers can be built up but became frustrated that I couldn't be more precise and how messy I (and my pad) became when using them. 
(Note to self... never wear white jeans again when I use oil pastels)

One more thing before I start desk hopping... I must tell you about yesterday.
My daughter joined an art class but didn't even have to leave the house. 
Whilst sitting comfy on the sofa, she linked into a live stream via our TV (hooked up to the internet), to a class being filmed in San Francisco! 
How cool is that!!!! 

It blew me away!

So that's it for this WOYWW entry... 
Have fun desk hopping and I'll just get ready to hopefully see you soon.