What's On Your Workdesk 280 Pastels and Watercolours

Well, here we are at Wednesday once again. 
At the moment, it's all beginning to become a little blurred as to what day it is.
So in order for me to make the most of the today I'll be quick. 
I've emptied my art folder this afternoon in the hope that I'll manage to finish off a few things. 
Although, you can see sun outside the window and the farmers are working away it is rather chilly. 
In fact, this morning it was only 5 degrees and apparently I've been told there was even a little flurry of snow for about 5 minutes. I didn't actually see it as I was out and about.
Brrr.... anyway let's move on to my desk (or kitchen table) 
So there's the portrait and horse sketch that are still waiting for me to work on
(although I did add a little more shading to the horse earlier in the week ~ whilst football was on the television). 
I've actually moved two lamps into this space, so that I can work at night. 
It's ideal with so much footy on TV at the moment. 
This way everyone is happy  
This week in my art group, we used watercolours to produce a monochrome painting.
The piece was to be called a misty moonlight mountain scene... yeah right. 
I haven't used watercolours to a great degree, so it was both interesting and slightly scary.
As many of you will know, I like to work as precisely as I can and this exercise was very loose!
I used wax, clingfilm and salt... and we didn't bake a thing!
Unfortunately, you can't really see the moon and it's reflections on the lake but they're there. 
Now what else is on my desk...
Oh yes, there's the photo of Mufftypup. 
We're going to paint a pet or animal next week... this sadly could end a beautiful relationship between Muffy and me when she sees the outcome. I've tried on numerous occasions to draw her and each time failed miserably. 
We'll see if these classes can help. 
My teacher seems to think I'll have no problem! (HA!)  

The fingerless gloves are where my daughter left them after a painting session in the garage.
She's painting a LARGE canvas so it has to be done out there... plus she can paint with gay abandon in the garage. I'm surprised she can even bend her arms with how many layers she's having to wear... thermals are a must. Which reminds me that it's about time I popped the kettle on to help in the thawing out process.

So that's it for today, but maybe if you have time you would like to nip across to see some more desks throughout the globe...click here to visit Julie over at Stamping Ground.
Have a great day peeps and thanks for stopping by my place.
I hope to see you again soon.