Turning back the time

That's it... we've put the clocks back an hour which means we're now on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
I just wish someone would explain how I get my dog to understand this.
Yesterday, she started gruffing and driving me mad for her dinner... which I chose to ignore, but it wasn't until the gentle gruffing reached annoying levels, that I suddenly realised that she wasn't being a pain or greedy... it was in her mind (and stomach) one hour later than the clock stated! 
Doggy dinner-time! 

So the summers passed and we're heading towards winter. 
There's nothing that can be done about it...so we just have to suck it up and embrace it... whatever it brings. 
I'll try not to dwell on the fact that I'm sitting writing this post at 5.00pm and it's nearly pitch black outside!

Anyway, I don't have to keep a check on the time, because I have my very own personal time keeper. 
I'm not one of those people that remember dates for when things have happened previously... other than the obvious birthdays, anniversary's and major dates etc but my hubby remembers the finer details.
He can suddenly announce "do you know that it's blah blah X years to the day that we moved into blah blah (insert address)" or "It was on this day last year that we ate that amazing meal in the blah blah ***** hotel"! 
His powers of retention never cease to amaze me especially for date related details. 
(Oh and especially if there's food involved).
Maybe it's his number favouring left-sided brain that gives him this freaky skill (he's left handed too) whilst I on the other hand (no pun intended... honest) am a right-sided brain (right handed too) who cannot for the life of me remember numbers! 
For example, I've had my mobile phone since I moved back here and I still don't know the number.

Maybe that's why we work so well for all of these years... it's all about balance.

(Digitalis... or commonly know as Foxglove from my garden

And so we're on the run up to Halloween, but I have a confession to make... I don't really like this particular holiday. As a child it used to frighten me, but thankfully it wasn't of the same degree that it is now.
I remember I was scared on this night. 
(just a wee woos really) 

But I do remember that we had one particular great Halloween night when we lived in Qatar. 
We lived on a compound with security guards and gates containing roughly 30 houses, each had it's own big perimeter wall of about 7 or 8 ft high.
So as the excitement mounted, the compound manager notified every house by letter that the outer gates would be locked at 6.pm and the compound lights switched off for one hour of high jinks.
It was great to know that all the little kiddiewinks would be safe to take part in trick or treating. 
All of the houses wishing to participate had a picture of a pumpkin placed strategically on their gate, so the children would know whether to ring the bell or not.
My son went out around the compound and came back with a huge stash of goodies and joked how he and his friends were playing tricks on some of the other older kids... jumping out of bushes etc. 
We had Harry Potter music playing loudly in our garden with lanterns and candles which set the scene. It was very dark, so we sat back on our veranda to listen to the giggles, squeals, and shouts...enjoying the fact that my son could participate without our help.
But my hubby decided that it was time for a little fun and payback. 
He climbed up on to our wall and waited...
When my son came back once again through the gate throughly excited with his goody bag bulging once more... my husband reached over and ruffled his hair! 
OH MY... I kid you not... I think my son must have leap three feet into the air and may even have squealed (although he'll certainly deny this part I'm sure) 
Once he realised who had played the joke on him and his heart rate had returned to a normal rate, he couldn't stop laughing.
He remembers it to this day. 
So have fun and enjoy whilst I pop some garlic around the place... just in case! 
I'm away for a few days for a quick get-away... woohoo... and I'm not sure if I'll have internet connections ... ... so I may be missing for a wee while. 
But I'll no doubt have lots to show you when I return.
There maybe the odd instagram photo just so you don't forget me. 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to natter with you again soon.
Toodleloo for now