Serious thoughts... and Flutterby's

I have to confess that this morning I've been having thoughts... serious thoughts about thermals, awakening Aga's, cosy corners tucked up with a good book, and Duvet days. 
(Dunna days... for my Australian friends) 
This has highlighted that I've taken far too long to finish my tribute to my summer drawing...
last summer's tribute.
At this rate, my tribute will be relevant for next summer and not the one that has just left us. 

I managed to sneak a drawing session whilst football was on the TV mid week, but I had to use a desk lamp. I've not used one before as I prefer to use daylight, but needs must and all that... 
but I'm a convert now. 
It's not too good on my eyes, especially with my intricate ink drawings, but at least I can get an hour or two extra drawing time in before the blurriness begins.

So here's the latest update on the butterfly. 
I know I'm sorry... I thought I'd have the finished drawing to show you today but there you go...
I apologise for the bad photograph, but it's the best I could do in the light that's available this morning.
I even used a lamp too.
The winds blowing a hoolie outside, so with the fire roaring I think I'll head back to summer and finish off the butterfly this morning.
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I know that I've still got lots of peeps to visit this week, but I'll try to pop by soon.
In the meantime... woohoo it's Friday so ENJOY!
Hot off the press...
It's finished... well I think it's finished... but I could always tweak a little!