I'll have the Gin please...WOYWW #281 & PPF

I'm having terrible trouble getting going this morning. 
I'm putting it down to the ridiculous temperature of only 5 degrees. 
I've said it before but I'll say it again...
I'm not a happy bunny once the temperature drops below 16 degrees, so I think I may have to rethink this whole thing.
I just couldn't drag myself out of my warm cosy bed, although yesterday could have something to do with it as well as the chilliness. 
Not only did I battle the hurricane (although I think we were very lucky here)
I had lots of running around to fit into the schedule.
Mum's taxi was very much in demand and I even took the car in for a service half way through the day, as well as attending my art group.
Mulit-tasking to the max. 
By the time our dinner was over last night, I was ready to mould myself to the sofa! 

Anyway... I'm here now. 
A few chores have been done and I'm contemplating nipping out a little later, but it is Wednesday after all, so how about taking a peek at my desk. The WOYWW (what's on your work desk Wednesday) group will be well and truly partying by now, so if you want to catch up with Julie and the gang then click here.

As I mentioned I met with my art group yesterday and I grabbed the gin bottle... (cough) 
Let me clarify that statement please. 
Although it had been a busy hectic morning I wasn't that bad, besides the gin bottle was empty. 
It was one of the subjects for us to study and paint. 
There were other options... tins of beans, mustard, oxo boxes but for some reason I gravitated towards the gin.
I think it was the colour.... HONEST!!!

Here it is in the early stages on the desk in my art group.
I think they must suspect we maybe a little messy with such mass amounts of plastic sheeting everywhere.

I didn't realise when I chose the gin bottle just how detailed it was. 
For a start, I didn't know that Queen Victoria makes an appearance.
I can imagine her saying 'One is not amused' if she saw my version.
Then there's all of that lettering! Eek!

Anyway, here's my interpretation so far... yes once again I'm showing you unfinished work, but it took me well over an hour to draw the bottle.
I now wish I'd have thought about it a little more and perhaps changed the angle, so that it isn't so flat.
I'm aware that my blog is heavily into art at the moment, but there's lots of other things happening around here, but just whilst I'm attending this art group it seems to be taking priority.
I'm happy about that so will join in with the Paint Party Friday gang.
Click here if you'd like to be transported to the party too.
(Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again)

Paint Party Friday

Another thing that I am taking part in during October is an instagram photo challenge. 
You may have noticed my instagram link in my sidebar has lots of changing photos.
Some I'd rather not have included here, but I'm following the list for each day's challenge so it's set and not my choice. So far I've managed each day... (quick pat on the back for me).

I'm also getting excited because Aggie (the Aga) is due to wake soon. 
Oh I've missed her and will no doubt be cooking up a storm once she's fully awake and with it! 

Well that'll do for today... I'll love and leave you for now
Enjoy your Wednesday and I hope to see and visit you soon
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p.s. Oops I nearly forgot to thank you for your support in the pillow fight Ohh Deer competition.
I'm now on the first page! Woohoo
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