Paint Party Friday... Picasso Cockerel

This post should come with a warning... ha... now I bet I've got your interest.
It's just that the photos are a wee bit blurred and this time it's not my eyes! 
Let's call them action shots shall we? 
So with all the kiddywinks going back to school ... I wanted to get in on the act too.
I enrolled for an art class which it appeared at first glance had me entering Hogwart's.
Here's the first apology for the photo above because due to the poor available light the stained glass window at the turn of the stairs doesn't show up properly. But even so the staircase is impressive isn't it? 
Maybe I'll be more successful and manage to capture it at a later date.
 I entered the classroom (ballroom) keen and raring to go...
Art supplies, name badge and cups of tea handed out without thankfully the usual... 'let's take it in turns to stand up and tell us a little about yourself" introductions. 
We went straight into the fun stuff with a few exercises first and then a small study.
There are 'returners' who have finished the first course and are now carrying on, so we get to see their work and also the resident artist creating drawing/paintings examples too.
I learnt quite a few things in this first lesson, so I think it will really help fill in the gaps of my very sketchy (sorry) art knowledge. Instead of winging it constantly.
One of the fun exercises was to sketch the Pablo Picasso, 1938 (charcoal on paper) cockerel.
He's not exactly a handsome chook but he certainly was fun and caused some humorous comments as we worked away. 

But then it all got turned upside down... quite literally. 
We folded the sheet of paper in the sketch book in half and hid it. Then turned the cockerel upside down. 
We then had to draw him again. (all very odd until you get to know why)  
This exercise was to help draw only what we saw and not a cockerel. (if you get my meaning) 
Instead of trying to make the cockerel appear from our memory, we were only using our eye hand 
Once the sketch was finished we then looked and compared the two... and had to decide which one was the one we liked the best. I'll let you decide. 
But one thing I was really pleased with, was how loose my sketch appeared.
I've tried and tried to loosen up previously but always have difficulty. 
I thought right from the outset of this course that I'd shed all of my hangups and just go for it. 
I have to say so far I'm pleased. 
I had so much fun visiting and being part of Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday link last week that I'm heading over there again today. Maybe you would like to join me? 
If you'd like to then click on the button here
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking to Dion Dior's Friday Sketches...
Friday Sketches Button
I apologise if I missed you last week. I have been away for two days, but I'm trying desperately to catch up.
Well the sun has arrived so I'm off to enjoy... maybe my order for an Indian Summer got through after all.  
Have a fantastic weekend everyone... whatever you have planned, have fun!

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