Paint Party Friday... horse sketch

Well what a night that was.... or should I say a few days/weeks/months even! 
I decided that I wouldn't post about the Scottish Referendum here, but I will say that I've been up until very late last night and awake from 5am this morning watching and listening to the outcome of the vote. 
So, as you can imagine I'm feeling like I'm having an out of body experience this morning as I try to wake up. 
It doesn't help that I still can't see anything due to the continuing fog outside! 
Yes, it's STILL with us which must be the fifth or sixth consecutively day. 
I feel like I have cataracts! 
Everywhere I look there's a blurred image.

I'm hoping that you can actually see my photo today because the light was very bad and not ideal for taking photo's. I've even tweaked them in the hope that it might help you to see the image.  
Now if someone had said "why don't you draw a horse"?
I'd have laughed or possibly used a swear word. 
Now as you know from my Silent Sunday entry a few weeks ago, I don't mind riding them but to draw one is a totally different challenge. 
But that's what my art teacher said in class this week, which produced a loud collective groan around the room. 
Not only were we to draw a horse but an enlarged version of the example picture at that!
At this stage, I nearly made my excuses and slinked out of the room, but let me tell you I'm proud to say I stuck with it, because I had no idea that there are tricks that can help with this challenge.
Numbers and measuring were not what I expected to be using in an art class, but hey voilà.... before I knew it, a horse appeared on my paper.
I'm now spending the odd hour or two when I can to complete the shading. 
Or should I say hatching and cross hatching... (hehe)... see something has sunk in. 
I must say I'm having difficulty with trying to do this, as I just want to run free with it but that's not part of the plan. I'll continue to do as I'm told for my homework and perhaps just redo my own version as and when. 
It appears that I'm creating a series of animal drawings over these last few months.
There's been Hettie, Nellie, and a very funny looking cockerel and now this horse. 
Who knows what will be next? 
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Once again I apologise if I missed visiting you last week.
I'll try my best to visit as many as I can this week.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone... whatever you have planned, have fun!