Paint Party Friday and Sketches... Butterfly

Today has been a truly autumnal morning with sun shining brightly but accompanied by the wind which appears to be in a hurry to move us on to winter. 
Summer has definitely slipped away as have the swallows. 
Sadly I never saw them go, but in their place I've seen fantastic flocks of geese fly overhead. 
Truly a spectacle to be seen and heard.
A visually striking performance flying in formation as they call out to each other. 
Their voices are carried on the wind and can be heard long before they come into view. 
So with the change of the season, I thought that my artwork today would be to celebrate last summer... before I move on to autumn and all of it's colourful splendor. 

I took so many photographs of butterflies over the past few months, that it seems only right to draw one.
In fact, I hope to draw two... one in my favourite black ink line drawing style, but another with colour... 
but hopefully much more loosely.
Firstly, I designed a template in order to try to obtain a symmetrical design. 
I've been twisting and turning the paper plus myself in this attempt... a little like trying to take up a new intricate yoga position that is really only do-able for the extreme guru master!
Maybe I should take up yoga instead of art? 
Now there's a thought...

I used my trusty Micron pens on A3 Daler - Rowney, Bristol Board - Airbrush ( 250g/m²) paper.
I feel so comfortable with creating this kind of drawing now, that perhaps this is my style and I should stick with it. Although, I'm trying lots of different media and techniques in my new art group, so who knows what else might become familiar and comfortable over the next few months. 
It's all very exciting.
Did you spot the difference...?
No, not in the design but the fact that I'm on to my second cuppa whilst only inking the outline! 
I'm a real teapot.

Because it's Friday, I'm linking up with Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday blog... 
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I'm also joining Dion Dior for Friday Sketches too. 
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How brilliant to have so many like minded people enjoying the art of ART!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
I hope I'll see you here again soon and who knows I may just pop into your place... 
so keep the kettle warm.
Toodleloo for now