Gardening forever... housework whenever

This sign was given to me by my sister a few years ago. 
As you can see it's had a life! 
In fact it's a very well travelled sign, having covered three continents. 
It did have a stake, so it could be stuck into a pot, but somewhere along the way it fell off. I've always been fond of it, not only because it was a wee gift from my sister, but the sentiment is spot on as far as I'm concerned. 
I'd much rather be outside (weather permitting) instead of ironing, cleaning bathrooms or moving dust from pillar to post. 
So imagine my delight when I received some lovely happy post this week from Twinkletoes2day with the same saying....
'Gardening forever... Housework whenever'
... AND a  very special Toby Poby drawing!
Now if that doesn't make you smile flying through letterbox I don't know what would? 
Whilst I'm mentioning gardening, I thought it might be an appropriate time to show you a little produce.
(little being the operative word here) 
I've not organised the area where I'll have a beautiful huge greenhouse, raised beds, chooks and bee hives. Ha! All in my head of course or possibly in about Phase 15 of our renovation plans. 
(We're only onto Phase 2... but anyway I digress) 
I did have a little play though and for the first time I have grown courgettes... with some success. 
We had the four shown above and my word I have to say they were delicious. 
There are still some growing, so we might be lucky and have another meal soon. 
I love the beautiful flowers but so far I haven't eaten one. 
But then with success there were a few disappointments... my french beans to name but one. 
I had big plans for them but unfortunately so did the snails!
Don't laugh if I tell you that I harvested two... YES TWO... that's not a typo.
Here they are...
But they are stunning specimens if I say so myself. 
(I can hear you laughing...but there's more)
I cooked these two and cut them in half so that we each could taste them. Again, they were delicious and just reinforced that we will grow them next year, but be ready for the slug invasion.

I think my best results though, came from two old compost bags... I planted tatties (potatoes) in them and was rewarded with 2 kilos!
I'm about to plant more so we can have our own for that special day in December.
I'll leave you with a few pics of a beautiful visitor to our plot...

Remember 'if a garden is finished... then it's dead'
Thanks for visiting.
I hope to see you again soon!