Cozy Cuddles - Paint Party Friday

This morning I thought that there was something wrong with my eyes. 
I couldn't see anything out of my window. 
I'd slept well (a clear conscience obviously) but they couldn't be that bad surely? 
I then realised it wasn't my eyes... it was FOG!
We've had fog for the last three days, even after having promises of good weather and reasonable temperatures for this week. 
The temperatures aren't bad but it would be nice to be able to see clearly.

So I thought I'd give in and just enjoy the day for what it was... perfect for finishing off a painting, especially because I'm home alone!
This is a very rare thing these days. 
As you know I love a full nest but can appreciate an empty house for a few hours. 
(Doing a little wee jig here)
Mufftypup is here with me but I know she can keep a secret... she'll not tell a soul what we get up to. It's good to have such a loyal friend.  

So the studio was mine all mine... MMMmmwwwwwhhhhhaaaa 
... and I wasn't afraid to use it. 

Let me introduce 'Nellie' 
(don't ask my why I name my paintings... I have no idea it just happens)
I used the same inks, paintbrushes and nib pen as I did for 'Hettie' 
You may be pleased to hear that Hettie no long balances on the bread bin. 
She's actually multiplied and got herself a herd...
I always think no matter what, you can always find something positive even if it's difficult or hard to see and today was a perfect example of that.
I was disappointed to see the weather but then looking out with dismay I was lucky, because out of the fog came a surprise to lift my spirit. 
I've had to edit and tweek these photos for you to be able to see the deer. 
It really was very foggy. 
These photos were taken from my phone because I had to move quickly. 
There one minute and gone the next...

And here's someone that just needed a cozy cuddle this morning...
Although thinking about it, with everyone out of the house could be that she's sulking because they didn't take her with them. Hmm...

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Paint Party Friday
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Thanks for popping over to my place. 
It's always great to see you.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone... you deserve it!