Appreciating the Sunset

I can hardly believe that today is the anniversary of the day we left Melbourne, Australia.
Where did that time go? 
At times I feel that we never actually left the UK but there's plenty of proof all around us that it wasn't a dream. 
We have achieved so much since we arrived back in the UK last July...from attending a Castle Fairytale Wedding to mixing with TV personalities at the Chelsea Flower Show with a little renovation work and mini breaks in between! 
Phew...I'm tired just thinking about it. 
But Phase one of the house renovation work that we would like to be done has been completed and now we're ready to have a break and enjoy the summer. 
So bring it on please.
I'm so glad that today has improved weather wise, otherwise I'd have been moaning about nothing but that cold wind from the North that has been far too attached to us for my liking...whilst everywhere else in the UK has had temperatures at least 10/15 degrees warmer than here! It just wasn't fair!

This photo was taken from the back of our house at sunset last night . 
If you remember I did say that I'd take a snapshot of our view each month, but alas I started out with good intentions but life just got in the way.
Sometimes I struggle to remember what day it is never mind the date.
Mufftypup and I have had fantastic daily country walks...enjoying all that nature has put on display. We've welcomed the seasons and changes as they've appeared...and bid them goodbye eagerly waiting for the next, taking time to appreciate all the subtle differences as they've occurred. The thaw loosening like a fist unclenching, spring bursting with promise and hopefully summer will sizzle.
There's not a day goes by without me stopping and taking a grateful break to let it sink in as to just how lucky I have been. We've also celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last month...(and they said it wouldn't last! lol)
Who knows what the next year will bring, but if it's anything like the last then I shall be thankful and enjoy every moment. I hope it will be the same for you too.
All the photographs posted here were taken from our garden as the sun set last night.
It looks like we might be on for another spectacular sunset tonight. 
There's a clear sky and the colours are changing as I type. 
We've just enjoyed our evening meal feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces. 
Salmon, asparagus, country potatoes and a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc...yummy with even an eccles cake to accompany our cuppa later. 
Life just doesn't get much better.  
Who knows what the next year will bring but I know one thing if it's anything like this last one, I'll be a happy bunny. 
I can only wish the same for you too.
Thanks for visiting my place...enjoy your day/week/summer