The birds and the bees....

Remember back in April, I added a bee mat at the edge of my garden to help create a bee haven. 
Well I thought you might like an update. 
Was it a success or not? 
(click here if you want to see the first post about the mat)
Here's the outcome....I think it's a BIG hit don't you?
I'm not sure that our bee population has increased because we've always had good numbers, especially with all of the blooms that are available around here. But I'm happy not only doing my bit with the current reports of the declining bee population but also growing new plants that I haven't tried before. 
I'm not entirely sure that my hubby and especially my son are in agreement with me as they both suffer with hayfever. 
My son is particularly bad but I'm telling myself it's more of the grasses that irritate him (other than me obviously) and not the wild flowers. 
Yeah I know...
We are surrounded by wild flowers, hedgerows and grasses where we are located, so other than moving to the sea (and I'm NOT moving anywhere for the foreseeable future) 
we'll keep trying different products and take medical advice for now. 
Talking of my son and hubby has reminded me of an amazing... nay... in fact shocking outcome this week. 
I know that the World Cup has finished and you were all probably sick of it by the time it came to an end, but let me tell you one more story. 
We had a family sweep for the World Cup and I won it...
Out of 25 people... I won!
(Some of the participants are keen football fans too... snigger) 
It wasn't just a question of picking out a team though as I had to think of scores for each match, at each stage and the highest scoring footballer and....and...etc etc (okay what I'm trying to say is that it wasn't just luck. Skill, football knowledge and okay maybe a little luck too was needed)
Now to say that my hubby and son have gone into shock over this is an understatement. But rightly so... how on earth can something like this happen?
How can a girlie know about football?
(A clue - maybe the thirty odd years of listening and watching has finally seeped in)
The look on their faces when I showed them the email containing the score table was priceless. I wish I'd have anticipated it to take a photo.
Now I don't want to gloat too much (HA just watch me!) especially to all of the other participants, but I'm going to milk this one...milk it big time...possibly for years to come! 

(cough) Sorry I just felt the urge to run around the room with my t-shirt pulled over my head singing the TV theme tune to Match of the Day (again)!  
(Here's a peek at one of my bird feeders with a greenfinch and goldfinches stopping to enjoy the sunflower hearts. I blame Brinvale bird food for providing such great seed that I'm having to reorder on a more frequent basis. 
But we have so many birds visiting our garden now and we're reaping the rewards. By the way, I'm not receiving any reimbursement for saying this, but I think if a product and service are good, then they should get the recognition for it 

You may have heard reports that the UK is melting today with higher temperatures forecast for tomorrow? 
Well not quite melting but having incredible temperatures just now. 
Let me put the record straight and tell you those temperatures are in the south of the country. Here in Aberdeenshire (up on the North East coast of Scotland) then it's very much a different story. Yes its warmer, but wait for it Australian visitors...just 19C today which is one of the hottest days we've had so far. 
I know I can hear you laughing from here and it's nearly the end of July. 
Here above is one of my latest visitors and I'm so happy that he's come to call. 
Mr Bullfinch.
He brings his Misses for breakfast/lunch/dinner too, so we're feeling very privileged.

I think the most surprising visitors have been pure white doves shown below. 
We started off with just two, but then one morning three arrived and at one stage we had seven, but we're now back to three most days. I have no idea where they have come from or to whom they belong, but someone will be wondering where they go all day long and why they don't want feeding when they arrive back! 

Well today was a bit of a mixed bag wasn't it?
When I sat down to natter with you, I hadn't a clue what I was going to talk about. 
I've got lots of posts in the mysterious depths of my mind (a scary place even for me to delve) but no doubt they'll all see the light of day at some stage.
I'm off to water the garden now and maybe I'll water myself with a ice cold Gin an Tonic as a reward whilst watching the sunset put on yet another spectacular display. 
Wherever you are on the planet...stay either cool or cosy and I hope you'll pop by again soon. 
Toodleloo for now
p.s. I've got visitors arriving this month and next so I want to try out a new recipe I've come across. It has a Scottish theme so I'll let you know how it goes.