What's on Your Work desk Wednesday...#258

Hello remember me?
I know it's been so long since I joined in with the WOYWW gang. 
I can't think what I've been up to which has kept me away until now, but not to worry, I'm here now. 
So what is WOYWW I hear new visitors ask? 
Well it's the lovely Julia over at Stamping Ground idea. 
So if you'd like to know more then click here and all will be explained. 

I haven't anything arty to show you this morning, but it's beginning to look hopeful. My desk (shared desk with my daughter) seems to be settling in slowly, although I'm not so impressed that we have scaffolding covering the window. 
Usually people put blinds up don't they? 
Don't worry I have ordered blinds, but they seem to be taking an age to appear. 
I think once the scaffolders start working out there with their radio blasting (on a radio station not of my choice), banging, crashing and generally shouting the banter back and forth between them, then I'll probably move to the kitchen table for a while. 
I'm keeping my entry brief today but one thing that has been in the forefront of my mind this week, is that I've found out something I didn't know...or had forgotten. 
My sister and her hubby came to visit us a few weeks ago and whilst we were in the middle of one of our many, many natters she mentioned about my Dad's drawing. 
Now this came as a blot from the blue to me...I know I'm five years younger than my sister but I just couldn't remember my Dad drawing. 
I've tried desperately to picture him with a pencil in his hand but I can't see it. 
We lost our Dad when I was 16 years old, so I'm thinking that maybe I was too young when he had did any art to remember. My sister says she would ask for a picture and went to bed only to find it there perfectly drawn the next morning. 
Thinking about it, it was probably the only time he was free to be creative...whilst the kids were in bed. 

Oh how I wish I could see him doing that now or even to see something that he'd drawn. 
I knew that I'd got my love of reading from him, but I didn't realise that the artistic side was from him too. I know it definitely wasn't from my Mothers side. 

Here's one of our favourite photos of my Dad doing one of the things he loved to do... 

Yes we're on the beach but he's fully clothed...looking like a French model in my eyes. 
Gorgeous isn't he? 
Oh how I miss him Emoji 

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone...enjoy and thanks for stopping by...it's always great to see you!