What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday...#252

 I'm not sure how this happened...well actually I am, but there's no way I'm owning up to it! But it appears that there's been an over spill of belongings yet again. Mysteriously they have turned up in every room. Nothing is where it should be...there's no logic to it. Although the windows have been finished (there's only the front door issue to be resolved now) we're still having to move things out of rooms for the painter to have full access. We're still on holiday sleeping in our guest bedroom too. 

As it's Wednesday once again it's time to share our desk space. 
I'm not sure you'll want to see mine though? So if you'd like to see more productive, creative spaces than just click on Julia over at Stamping Ground to be transported. 
I wish my desk had lots of productivity happening but yeah you guessed it...nada! 
But here's the desk...for what it's worth. I'm hoping one day very soon it will all be sorted and in full creative swing! 
The cases don't mean that I've had enough and am about to do a runner...(although that thought had crossed my mind)...its full of handbags, shoes and anything else that would fit. It's such a shame because my daughter had moved some of her belongings into the room last weekend, but as soon as she went off for a week to London, things crept back into the space...but I'll have it all sorted by the time she returns...(gulp)...promise 
(that's just in case she see's this mess)

But there's something I really am thrilled to share with you today and that's Andrew Marr's book about Drawing. 
Have you seen it?
My daughter bought me a copy as part of my Christmas present and it's perfect because he considers all aspects of drawing from the mechanical process to fine art and everything in between. How the act of drawing is as important as what is created at the end. 

For those people who don't know Andrew Marr, he is a journalist and TV presenter who loves to draw and has done since his childhood.  
(Andrew Marr...self portrait)

The book is brilliantly written with fantastic examples of his work. 
It talks about the importance of doing and making, for a happy life.
Andrew suffered a near fatal stroke and art helped in his recovery. 
It's quite a remarkable story and definitely food for thought. 
I hope you'll take a look at it if you get a chance. 

Anyway...I'm off now to try to move more stuff about, but in-between I'll try to visit everyone that visits me at least...it's no good saying that I'll get to the whole WOYWW gang because I know I never could...but I'll try my best.  
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone...enjoy and thanks for stopping by...it's always great to see you!