Sprouting Spring

As I start to write this post tonight I've suddenly become aware that the grey sky that has been hanging around for days has suddenly lifted. 
Gazing out of the window I can see what I call a biblical sky. 
A sky that makes you stop and glaze in wonder. 
It wasn't expected...so it's all the more of a delight. 
It was very fleeting and therefore I didn't manage to capture it, but I'm sure there will be lots more now that the spring evenings are upon us. 

I've a few things that I wanted to share with you but they are rather fragmented...which means that this post is in great danger of being a little hotch-potch. 
At the moment my mind feels like it's in a tumble dryer tumbling around and around with so much to think about, but I don't seem to come to any conclusion or decision unfortunately. 
Do you ever feel like that? 

Anyway moving on...I didn't capture the sky tonight, but I did manage a photo earlier in the week of a misty/foggy, frosty morning. 
The photos don't really do the scene justice but it gives you the essence. 

I'm definitely feeling springy this week...and the garden has been calling. 
It's not hard to ignore the mayhem going on in the house with all the renovation work...so it's a pleasure to take a step outside. 
There a strange phenomenon happened because I started my daughter off planting seeds and enjoying nature when she was a toot, but since I've been away from a British garden for so long I've forgotten so much...but thankfully my little helper has grown into a woman with very green fingers. She even knows the Latin names for the plants for goodness sake...which I think is seriously impressive. I can hardly remember my own name so there's no hope for me. But now that my daughter has returned to the nest, she's my very knowledgeable reference. 
I'm sure things will come back to me...the when, how and why for...but for now she's my keen advisor. 
Here she is planting up seed trays. 
It's good to find a sheltered corner out of the breeze because it can still be quite chilly.
We've big plans but they'll probably not all happen this year.
The border on the right hand side (above) has had the honeysuckle cut back and there's lots of seeds planted. Heather, lupins, pansy, tulip, primula, lavender and pinks have also been added. So along with previous plants (that I'm not sure are still there and waiting to make an appearance later) it's time to let nature do its thing. 
Hopefully we'll have a full and colourful cottage garden border soon. 
I've also planted sweet peas too because I love to walk out into the garden to collect flowers to bring indoors. Sweet peas are fantastic to add colour and perfume. 
I know some people don't like the sweet pea fragrance and I have to admit it can be quite powerful, but if the arrangement is in a large area or hallway I think they are far better than any chemical air freshner any day.
(Sweet peas shoots)
I have to admit that I was surprised at the rate of growth with these seedlings. 
You can almost see them grow before your eyes...
(a little like the birdseed disappearing from the feeders at an unbelievable rate)  
Hopefully the sun will shine and the seedlings will climb up and race to the top of the trellis. I can almost smell them now.

Whilst I was busy planting I had another helper....Buzz....buzz...
A friendly visitor arrived on the heather...obviously pleased with the selection of new plants.
But we haven't only planted flowers...we've also planted tatties potatoes and they've already sprouted! Not the best photo because the sun wasn't playing.
And here's something I completely forgot about...I think it's a cherry blossom tree. 
Please correct me if I'm wrong...remember I'm re-learning all the time.
The bark and shape of this tree are beautiful. 
Maybe I'll show you it in all it's full glory once it flowers? 

Obviously with so many plants needed...we had to take a few trips to local garden centre and look what I found in the ladies toilets! 
I couldn't stop giggling. 
I thought they were just brilliant. 
There were all different designs...just perfect for a garden centre. 
Dobbies Garden Centre
We've also visited lots of reference books, catalogues and seed guides but there's still a long way to go...and then there's the veggie plot to excavate, build and plant up. That'll probably be next year now as times marching on. 
It's actually still quite light outside and it's nearly 8pm. Don't you just love summertime? 
And finally as they say...here's a stunner. 
It's one of my Mothers Day tulips.
I know it's a little late to show you but I thought it was quite exquisite and worth sharing. 
What do you think?
I've lots planned over the coming months...as we head into summer. 
The salmon will be making their way up stream, castles and their grounds/gardens will be opening, the beaches will be warming up and lots of Scottish National Trust sites to visit. There may even be a whiskey distillery visit too. Who knows?
I'd love for you to join me if you're free.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
Hopefully we'll chat again soon