What's On Your Work Desk? #248

I wish I could say something was on my workdesk but look...nada...zip...diddleysquat!
But there is progress...we now have at least highlighted which room will be the art studio. If you've visited me previously you may realise that it's not the original room that I told you about. Like many things around here lately, the plan keeps changing. 
Here's what the other room looked like with it's open fire and downstairs location. 
Click here to view.
It would be a fantastic room but then it would be better as an office/study/snug etc so we've relocated upstairs.
This location will be better because I'll be able to make a mess, leave things lying around or out on the desk etc, so I'm hoping that it'll lend itself to more productivity.
Well they'll be no excuse because our daughter is returning home and she has BIG plans for the room too. This is actually her desk and the paint splattered chair was my Grandmothers. Note the new windows? 
The light wasn't the best for taking these photos and now when I look at the colours I'm glad that I'm not showing you my artwork. For instance, the carpet is in fact blue. It was to be thrown out but now will remain because it will probably be splashed, glued, and generally splodged! 

The view out of this window is stunning and should certainly inspire us...its overlooking the side garden and is filled with plants, trees, masses of birds and their song. It also has amazing sunsets too.
 Oh I'm so looking forward to spring and summer.

Anyway, the lovely Julia over at her Stamping Ground blog will be slapping my wrists for taking so much of your time...these WOYWW posts are supposed to be brief so that we can nip around the globe checking out each others desks...and there's a few to visit. 
If you'd like to play too click here to be transported. 

But one last thing that your might like to see before you go...It's Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Aberdeen Art Gallery is the main visual arts exhibition space in the city of Aberdeen. It opened in 1885 in a building designed by Alexander Marshall Mackenzie. 
The fascinating history of the Art Gallery can be traced back to 1873. 
I nipped into the gift shop briefly last week and noticed that they are currently exhibiting 'The Great Tapestry of Scotland'. 
I know that many of the WOYWW gang may be interested to read about this amazing project.
(photo courtesy of Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums)
Click here if you'd like to know more.

Well I must dash...there's so much to do.
I'm so sorry if I haven't managed to reply to your much loved comments or visited you yet, but I hopefully will. I have every good intention, it's just this sleep thingy that happens and gets in the way especially after my 5.30am start and 17 hours on the go! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday whatever you do...have fun and keep smiling