Has Spring sprung or not?

So is it officially spring or not? 
Apparently a row has erupted over the official date. 
According to the Meteorological Office spring has sprung, but much of the country is still gripped by icy winter weather. 
The Met Office classes the first day of spring as 1 March, saying March, April and May are regarded as the spring months. But traditionally spring has started on the night of 20/21 March. 
So I'm thinking we are in a transitional period of neither winter or spring.

There's a battle quietly playing out each day with the seasons and one day in particular last week, it was split between the two. For the first half of the day it was definitely winter but then as the afternoon arrived so did spring.
As Muffy and I participated in our early morning walk...wrapped up like we were off to explore the polar icecap...I became aware that our surroundings we were in a static state. It was neither winter nor spring.
The sun low and blinding...wind roaring through the copse like a freight train, which thankfully didn't reach us certainly made it feel like winter.
It wasn't a morning for birdsong or twitter-bations either...there was more of an eery silence prevailed, whilst the birds snuggled in their nest.
The raindrops pitter-patted on my fur-lined hood.
Yes...can you believe that I've become a hoodie since being back here!
I noted the cows huddled around their red metal grilled feeder in the bottom corner of the field away from the winds vicious bite...looking for all the world like they were snuggled around an electric fire for warmth. 
Muffy's paws collected so much mud she was nearly twice her usual weight...bringing grit, mud and general grime home for yet another dip in the sink. 
We called a brief greeting to a neighbour as we passed which the wind whipped up and took away, but the wave said it all "Hi, I'm fine...how are you? See you when it's not so cold to catch up!" 
But then as the day progressed and the sun put in an appearance and the whole picture changed. Birds once more sang and visited the garden, bulbs and buds began to sprout and spring open, giving a splash of much needed colour, the container of strawberries looked amazing and gave a huge lift that we will be able to have strawberries once more, eat lunch al-fresco and generally enjoy the 18 hours of daylight...whoohoo...bring it on!

This one's for you Darla...it's the 'wee burn' that you wished you could hear trickling when I last posted about it (click here to see). 
We revisited it once again but this time I took a video with sound
I hope you enjoy it Emoji

Just before I go...I thought you might like to see Hamish from the Stick Paw Prize Draw all wrapped up and on his way to MacMillanMarie in Canada
He caused quite a stir with the ladies in the Post Office in his smart tartan kilt and 
tam o'shanter. I think basically they wanted to adopt him but he was already spoken for.  

I have to admit I was rather pleased with myself when I managed to pixel the address label. Hehe...I love to learn new things especially if I manage them without the aid of a safety net (basically someone from the younger generation) 

Today whether the first day of spring or not is also St Davids Day.
Celebrations are being held around Wales to mark the national day of the country's patron saint. 
So Happy St.Davids Day
Have a wonderful weekend everyone
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