I was thinking of entering the photographs into either Silent Sunday or Wordless Wednesday, but then if I saw photos like these I'd certainly want to know more details. 
So with that in mind, I thought I'd write a completely separate post explaining what happened to my hand. 
Here are the photos...
I want to state clearly here and now that...I WAS NOT DRUNK
It happened on Saturday night when we were out with friends. 
Yes, some alcohol was consumed but not excessively it has to be said. 

I was contemplating being creative when retelling my story as to how it actually happened...Hmm...
...I was galloping on horseback along the beach when I fell off my trusty steed...
or it happened when snowboarding (taking into account snowboarder Jenny Jones winning Great Britain's first medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics ~ congrats)...
or mountain biking at speed through the rough terrain of the local woods! 

But the truth is...(no laughing please) I fell into a taxi. Yes into a taxi.
It's a little difficult to explain what happened exactly, but basically I slipped off the curb (sidewalk for my American visitors) whilst saying goodbye to someone and fell between the curb and the taxi (cab). My arm went into the taxi, whilst my body stayed outside, with my ribs hitting the door sill. 
If my ribs heal within 6 weeks...then I've only cracked them, but if it takes 12 weeks, then they are broken. 
Each painful cough, sneeze or lady burp (a silent internal belch) gives me a sharp reminder that six weeks is a very looooooong time. 
Plus no driving...so cabin fever may well be a complication. 

I've been complaining lately about how time flies and making statements like "where does the time go?" but let me tell you, I watched the clock for most of Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday morning. Every minute seemed to be an hour and by 4.30am I could stand it no longer, I just had to get up (with difficulty). 
No chance of a much needed Sunday morning lie-in I'm afraid.  

I would like to add my apologies at this point for not visiting everyone recently, or if you've taken the time to leave a comment on any of my previous posts (that I adore seeing by the way) thank you and I hope to catch up with you soon. 
But remarkably I did manage to bake a cake (one-handed) so I was really please and the builders even more so.
Well if I'm honest my kitchen aid did most of the work. 

Here's the recipe for Lemon Drizzle Cake

With having to master lots of new one handed skills since the weekend, it's made me think about all the people who may be having similar trials and tribulations mastering new skills, whether it's the use of a prosthetic limb or loosing their eyesight, we should all be thankful for what we have whilst we have it...it's not until you lose something that you realise just how important it can be. 
Time for more painkillers I think.

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Good Luck! 
Have a great week everyone...and just remember be careful out there!