Happy Blue Monday...and two Birthday's

 So another week begins....and I was up before dawn once again. 
Why? Because my builder is an early bird and likes to start work at this unearthly hour. 
He even brings his own light! 
There's no waiting for daylight with this guy...when a jobs to be done...let's get on with it! It's a good job I'm an early riser anyway. 

For those of you who have requested a peek at the bathroom renovation work I've decided to give in and show you. Initially I wasn't sure I really wanted to reveal all, so I've decided to give you a partial snippet of one of them. We've done two bathrooms back to back...just for the fun of it! 
(Bare with me Sally because there is a small amount of blue in this post...which will grow as each photo appears)
I couldn't resist these little ducks when I saw them. I don't think they'll be a permanent feature, but for now they're fun and suitable for a blue Monday entry. (I hope?)

So now that the bathrooms are near to finished...we are just adding the bling etc we thought let's not stop...let's keep ticking off the long list of the to-do-jobs on our list.
Therefore decking it is...and here's the delivery arriving as if by magic.

The decking will go at the rear of the house 
(for regular visitors to my blog...it will overlook the fields and woods where I'm hoping the sheep will appear soon). 
It's already taking shape as I type sitting here at the kitchen table. 
There's also some compensation for beating the dawn chorus because I got to see Andy Murray playing in the Australian Tennis Open today. 
Unfortunately I can't be in Melbourne but it's the next best thing.

Well done Andy...on to the next round!  

Before I get carried away with lots of natterings, I mustn't forget that today is a very special day because it's my nephew's birthday. Now before you all say 'ahh what a cutie' when you see his photo (and yes he is ;D) I should explain that this photo was taken quite a few years ago. I'll not say how many to save embarrassment.
My brother has taken all the old family slide photographs and converted them to digital. There's good and bad points to doing this because some of those suckers you hoped would never see the light of day, but then what a laugh we had going over them all together at Christmas. 


And to keep the balance here's another photo of his brother from a similar slide. 
He's just celebrated his birthday too. 
January is a busy birthday month in our family! 
'Belated Birthday wishes M'

I've got so much to catch up on your blogs and I apologies profusely if I haven't left a comment. I sometimes nip in to take a peek...because basically I'm nosy and I don't want to miss anything. I'll try to let you know that I've been next time, but please forgive me I'm trying (yes I know...very trying hehe) to get some sort of order and routine into my week. It's an ongoing project at the moment but I'm hoping things will settle by Christmas!!!

Why not nip over to Sally over at Smiling Sally's blog to see more Happy Blue Monday entrants...you'll have a great time hoping all over the globe and you never know what you'll see! 

Have a wonderful week everyone...and I'll hopefully see you soon